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The Test Case (TV Series) – Intro

The Test Case is a 2017 Indian web series, directed by Vinay Waikul and Nagesh Kukunoor and produced by Endemol Shine India for the ALTBalaji. It stars Nimrat Kaur, Akshay Oberoi, Atul Kulkarni, Rahul Dev and Anup Soni in lead roles along with Juhi Chawla in a guest appearance. The web series is about the main character training to be the first woman test case in a combat role, within the Indian Army. The basic story of this web series is inspired from the 1997 American film G.I. Jane.

Protagonist Captain Shikha Sharma (Nimrat Kaur) is the only woman in a group of Indian Army officers training to join the Special forces. She is also the first woman to be undertaking the course making her a “test case” for inducting women into combat oriented roles in the Indian army. The storyline revolves around her journey of overcoming challenges at home to biases by her colleagues despite being an intelligent and a highly motivated individual.

Shikha initially faces physical challenges when completing a demanding obstacle course. But she perseveres and overcomes them with grit. This results in making both friends and enemies among her colleagues. She manages to not only remain in the course but also moves up to the top-half of the team’s leaderboard.

During the final phase of training, which is in the form of a simulated sortie into harsh enemy territory spanning multiple days, Shikha is placed in command of one of the two competing squads in an effort to test her leadership skills. The exercise ends in disaster with the squad losing contact with the course instructors for a prolonged period of time. The squad eventually makes it back with Shikha and Captain Bilal (Akshay Oberoi) suffering severe injuries and unconscious.

A medical examination reveals that Shikha’s injuries were not as a result of combat injuries. But a follow-up interrogation by the lead course instructor Naib Subedar Kirpal Bhatti (Rahul Dev) and the course commanding officer Colonel Ajinkya Sathe (Atul Kulkarni) has Shikha and the members of her squad insisting that nothing untoward happened and the injuries were as a result of an accident.

In the meanwhile, an anonymous letter is sent to the Army command alleging that Shikha was sexually assaulted during the exercise. Lieutenant Colonel Imtiaz Hussain (Anup Soni), a poker aficionado, is dispatched to investigate quickly and quietly. Using a series of unconventional tactics Major Hussain ultimately manages to piece together the sequence of events and identify the culprit. But Shikha refuses to press charges saying she wants to solve this problem without anyone else helping her.

She explains to Hussain that she wants to set a clear example that women are not only just capable of joining combat units but also equally capable of defending themselves without help. She ultimately manages to get Captain Manit Varma (Suhail Nayyar) to confess while covertly recording his confession; And also manages to defeat him in one on one close quarter combat. He is ultimately arrested and led away by the Army police.

The story ends on a happy note with Shikha graduating top of the training course.

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The Test Case (TV Series) – Season 1 – Trailer

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