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Swaanng (TV Series) – Intro

It doesn’t matter what your real-life jobs are, a good crime-thriller series will always have the potential to awaken your inner sleuths. Afterall, what’s better than binging your night away on a suspense-filled plot that literally leaves you peeking between the fingers?  Lucky for us, Hungama Play just released its latest original series, ‘Swaanng’, which has literally got our amateur detective brains working in high gear. Produced by ABUZS Original, the series, over a span of 6 episodes manages to play with interesting concepts, while giving us a riveting story of two sisters who go above and beyond their age to expose a major crime. So if this sounds like your late-night jam, then we’re giving you 5 reasons why ‘Swaanng’ should be on your watchlist.  

1. The thrilling plot will leave you at the edge of your seats.

True to its genre, ‘Swaanng’ serves a dark, twisty, and psychologically challenging murder mystery that is an absolute treat for our true crime minds. The narrative will keep you truly invested throughout, in fact getting better with each episode. This could be credited to a well-structured storyline that doesn’t lie on old movie clichés of lousy plot workings to keep the show running. The bottom line? We couldn’t get ourselves to stare away from the screens, and neither will you.  

2. Depiction of human relationships are painfully realistic.

The show, while dealing with a murder mystery at its centre, also manages to stir up our emotions attached to sisterhood, love, and loss. It gives us a beautiful story of two sisters, who despite the adversities of being orphaned at a young age, stand strong for each other. Watching them look for happiness in small things will ultimately end up tugging at your heartstrings. Whether it’s finding glass bottles or a lost camera, the show is filled with moments that give us hope and a lot to reflect on.  

3. You will instantly resonate with the characters.

The beauty of a reel personality shines through the most when you can instantly spot them in real life people you may know. And that’s what happens with the carefully carved out and nuanced characters we meet in Hungama Play’s ‘Swaanng’. The demeanour and overall energy of every character feel natural. For instance, the main character played by Anushka Sen is shown to be constantly torn between responsibilities towards her family or society, and her passion to sing. We cannot help but bond with the character over the challenges life throws at her.  

4. You come for the thrills, but end up staying for the iconic ensemble.

Yes, this show takes us on a journey into probably the worst living hell possible. Still, it wouldn’t have been able to leave such a deep impression on us, had it not been for the cast. Each actor supports and elevates the other to deliver remarkable performances, making it impossible for us to pick a favourite. The lead is played by the talented Anushka Sen, who has earlier given some of the best TV performances in ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’, ‘Baal Veer’, ‘Mahadev’, and not to mention the critically acclaimed movie, ‘Lihaaf’. She also participated in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. We also see the iconic Hiten Tejwani playing a very critical role in the series. 

5. The scenic hills of Dharamshala make for a visual treat!

The series is set in the laps of the quaint old hills of Dharmashala and we’re not complaining at all. As the mystery unravels slowly, episode by episode, the picturesque mountains give us a much needed virtual dose of nature. Adding to it is the cinematographer’s extensive reliance on colour palettes to enhance the storytelling. The show has cool undertones through most of its parts, depicting the gloom and uncertainty, instilling fear and anxiety of what’s going to happen next.

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Swaanng (TV Series) – Season 1 – Trailer

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