Money Heist – Season 2 – Online (HINDI / URDU)

Summary: Money Heist – Seasons 2

El Profesor chalks out a new plan as he sneaks into Toledo House before the cops, giving his team more time to pull off the robbery. However, Tokyo starts to question his tactics and that proves to bring much chaos and confusion. Berlin steps in and bans her from the Royal Mint of Spain. Lo and behold, she is arrested by the cops.

In a major twist, the inspector of the National Police Corps, Raquel (Itziar Ituño) has no clue that she has been romancing the man who is the brain behind the heist. Suspicious of his identity, she brings Ángel (Fernando Soto) into the picture to get the mastermind to the hospital. However, the Professor is two steps ahead of her and notices that it is simply a trap. He does so by masquerading as a clown, and his costume gives his identity away as Raquel spots a strand of hair. The Professor is captured and kidnapped by the cops.

Meanwhile, Helsinki (Darko Peric) kills Oslo (Roberto Garcia) in an act of mercy and Tokyo gets in touch with Rio to help her back into the Mint. As she gets inside in a motorbike stunt, Moscow (Paco Tous) gets shot and bleeds to death.

Just as everyone gets set to escape through the tunnel, the cops break-in. Berlin sacrifices himself so the gang could escape. It is then that we find out Berlin and the Professor have been brothers all along. After the heist, Raquel tracks the Professor in the Philippines and begins their love story again with the alias name Lisbon.

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