Money Heist – Season 1 – Episode 10 – Online HINDI

Money Heist – Season 1 – Episode 10 – Online HINDI Dubbed

Excerpt: Money Heist – Season 1 – Episode 10 – Online HINDI Dubbed

A team of police are brought to the discovered villa and search through “evidence” planted by the Professor earlier. Raquel’s ex-husband Alberto is called in to lead the forensics examination, and finds burned evidence about the Professor in the chimney. Salva rides back to Madrid with Alberto and provokes him into a fight, knocking him out and erasing the evidence. When Alberto awakes, he arrests the Professor and brings him to jail.

The Professor uses the bathroom at the prison and beats himself up to make it look like Alberto was the aggressor. He calls Raquel, who helps release him. Meanwhile, the robbers start losing hope after many hours without news from the Professor, and Tokyo begins a mutiny after becoming restless.

Money Heist – Intro

A group of robbers plan to rob the Spain’s National Factory of Currency and Stamps, in order to gain 2400 euros. They take 67 hostages and remain in the space for 11 days.

Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de papel, The House of Paper) is a Spanish television series created by Álex Pina. The TV show portrays heists on the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain by a group of code-named robbers, as they battle with hostages on the inside, and the police on the outside.

A criminal mastermind who goes by “The Professor” has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history — to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. To help him carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits eight people with certain abilities and who have nothing to lose. The group of thieves takes hostages to aid in their negotiations with the authorities, who strategize to come up with a way to capture The Professor. As more time elapses, the robbers prepare for a showdown with the police.

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