Dom – Season 1 – Episode 8 – Online HINDI

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Dom (TV Series) – Intro

We see a young man dancing, getting loaded, and getting close to a random woman on the floor. Another pretty young woman passes by and he hits on her, but she’s the girlfriend of the local drug gang leader, so he’s blocked from her. He takes the other woman into the alley, snorts some coke off her shoulder, and they start to get it on.


In the meantime, Victor Dantas (Flávio Tolezani), a member of the civil police, is in his apartment in the Copacabana neighborhood wondering where his son Pedro (Gabriel Leone) is. He tells his daughter Laura (Mariana Cerrone) that he’s going to go to the favela to find him and haul his drugged-up ass home, but Laura warns her dad that he might get killed if he goes into the heart of drug territory, flashing his badge and gun.


Victor does manage to drag Pedro out, but not before a tense confrontation with the gun-toting gang. He handcuffs Pedro to his bed just so he won’t get up and wander. While Pedro sleeps, Victor starts writing out his story on his laptop.


We flash back to 1970, to when Victor was a teenager (Filipe Bragança) who was trying to get his diving certification. On one of his training runs he finds the body of one of the police’s expert divers, and he brings the body to shore. While some lower-level officers think Victor had something to do with it, but their colonel (Wilson Rabelo), who codenames himself Arcanjo, sees something with Victor, and is intrigued that he is a diver. Victor doesn’t want to get involved in politics, but Arcanjo is fighting a “different war,” and wants Victor to dive for him. After a fight with his father, Victor decides to take the colonel up on his offer.


Victor is stationed at a beach resort and dives to chart buoys used by drug smugglers. One time he sees a massive drop of numerous packages. He gets hit on by a waitress named Paloma (Julia Konrad), who turns out to be an Interpol agent. She explains to Victor that he’s going to signal her when the massive drop of coke is picked up.


Back in 1999, Pedro gets restless at home. He vows to his dad to go to NA, but he instead steals his laptop, goes back to the favela, and buys some blow. He and his buddy Lico (Ramon Francisco) snort it up and go back to the outdoor club, where he sees Jasmin (Raquel Villar), the girl he saw the night before. This time, though, she gets smacked for dancing with him, and Pedro gets a gun to his head. This is right as Victor, who has claimed to be out of the narcotics policing business, gets recruited by the colonel to infiltrate a Colombian source of drugs coming into Brazil.

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