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13 Reasons Why (TV Series) – Intro

13 Reasons Why is an American teen drama television series developed for Netflix by Brian Yorkey and based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why by author Jay Asher. The series revolves around high school student Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) and the aftermath of the suicide of fellow high school student Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). Before her death, she leaves behind a box of cassette tapes in which she details the reasons why she chose to end her life as well as the people she believes are responsible for her death.

Through its various storylines, the show explores and depicts a wide range of social issues affecting modern youth. The series was produced by July Moon Productions, Kicked to the Curb Productions, That Kid Ed Productions, Anonymous Content and Paramount Television, with Yorkey and Diana Son serving as showrunners. 

Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford star as Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker, respectively, alongside an ensemble cast. A film from Universal Pictures based on Thirteen Reasons Why began development in February 2011, with Selena Gomez set to star as Hannah, before being shelved in favor of a television series and Netflix ordering an adaptation as a limited series in October 2015, with Gomez instead serving as an executive producer.

The series is set in the late 2010s in the fictional county of Evergreen, California. Most of the main characters in the series are students of Liberty High School.

The first season follows Liberty High student Clay Jensen, who receives a set of cassette tapes at his front porch. These tapes were recorded by Hannah Baker, a former Liberty High student who had killed herself and recorded thirteen reasons why she did so on the tapes.

Each tape includes a reason for the following people: Justin Foley, Jessica Davis, Alex Standall, Tyler Down, Courtney Crimsen, Marcus Cole, Zach Dempsey, Ryan Shaver, Sheri Holland, Clay himself, Hannah herself, Bryce Walker, and Kevin Porter (a school guidance counselor who is the only non-student among the tape subjects).

The season features flashbacks viewed from Hannah’s perspective that offer increasing clarity as to the trauma she faced during her time as a student and what ultimately led up to her own death.

In the second season, Hannah’s parents sue the school district after Hannah’s tapes are released online. The fallout from the events of the first season and the toll it has taken on the lives of Liberty High’s students is further shown. At the end of the season, Tyler attempts a school shooting after he is severely traumatized by the bully Monty but is stopped by Clay and Tony. Tyler’s gun is given to Clay before Tony drives Tyler away.

In the third season, which introduces a new main character Ani Achola and takes place eight months after the events of the previous season, Clay and his friends struggle to keep Tyler’s cover of his attempted school shooting and to help him in his recovery.

Tensions rise among the tape subjects after Bryce is killed, with Clay as a suspect. In the wake of his death, Bryce’s past actions and the person he has become in the aftermath of the release of Hannah’s tapes are examined.

In the fourth and final season, Clay begins to develop mental health issues following the deaths of Bryce and Monty, while the students are planning for their college interviews and nearing graduation.

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13 Reasons Why (TV Series) – Season 4 – Trailer

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