As the Crow Flies – Season 1 – Episode 1 – Online ENGLISH

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As the Crow Flies (TV Series) – Intro

There is a person in the street dreaming each day of becoming like someone sitting at the top of the hierarchy ladder. Looking at them from a distance, an aspirant sums up their journey in a single word and calls them “Lucky.” The people of this generation believe that the person who has achieved something in life is either born with a silver spoon or may have destiny in their favor, and with this belief, they undermine all the blood and sweat a certain successful person has put into his or her journey.


Well, you cannot really know what that position feels like until and unless you have been in someone’s shoes, but instead of that labor, we are looking for the shortcut, and hence spend our lifetime looking for the shortest distance between us and our dreams. The shortest distance is what the phrase used in the Turkish drama series “As the Crow Flies” refers to.


Directed by Deniz Yorulmazer, “As the Crow Flies” may remind some people of the 2022 series, “Swimming with Sharks,” which has exactly the same premise. But while “Swimming with Sharks” depicts the dark side of a Hollywood studio, the Turkish series revolves around a news studio and speaks volumes about ethics, fake news, and the increasing impact of social media on the news networks. At the center of the conflict is a young girl named Asli Tuna, a journalism student who aspires to become like the nation’s most popular news anchor, Lale Kiran.


Like any newcomer and obsessed fan, Asli is in love with the position that Lale is in and, in her blind obsession, overlooks Lale’s hard work and years of hustle. She wants to believe that Lale just got lucky. There are many layers attached to a story. A person’s journey from rags to riches is never a straight one but a collection of ups and downs that not only transforms their character into a better being but also gives them enough experience to fight different battles in the future. But evidently, an impatient dreamer like Asli neither has time nor talent for such philosophical understanding and is just looking for a shortcut. Thus, without any further ado, let’s follow how Asli, in her greed for power, makes Lale’s life a living hell.

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