Ghar Wapsi web series

MTW | | 333 views

This series follows the story of Shekhar, who loses his job in Bangalore and is forced to move back to his hometown Indore but decides to keep the news from his family.

It is Hindi-Language family drama series created by Dice Media and directed by Ruchir Arun. The series consists of six episodes and has an average runtime of between 40 to 55 minutes. It aired on July 22nd 2022 on the network Disney+ Hotstar.

The main cast consists of Vishal Vashishtha who plays Shekhar Dwivedi, Atul Shrivastava who plays  Ratan Lal Dwived and Vibha Chibber who plays Madhuvanti Dwivedi.

Ratan Lal Dwived and Madhuvanti Dwivedi are Vishal Vashishtha´s parents and his whole family is completed by his brothers  Sanju played by Saad Bilgrami who is the middle child and Suruchi played by Anushka Kaushik who is the youngest child.

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