Get What you Want but How?

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Do you think you are happier, more contented? Are you doing active work? If yes well and well it no then why?????
Many people after a long journey of failure try to get on the right path. They try to go for success. They try to attain what they want. They want that they become successful like others. They wish to pass their life without thorns and difficulties. For that, they promise themselves to get success. But they do not know how to get success. And who knows they make different plans, different strategies; they set different goals they perform all the activities to fulfill their aims.

Every person has an innate desire to do something, to be somebody, to get somewhere, to be on the top. Desire, alone will, however, take nobody nowhere. But what happens, they do not get what they want. About what they have dreamed about. Why???? You ask them, you will come to know that they have not acted upon their distinct goals. They have not performed an action. They have set goals, but without actions. They are great talkers than great doers.

Why they do not act upon their goals?

You ask them, they will say, “We tried to manage our activities but other unnecessary activities interfered us and made us out of work.

One man told, “I had one television in my residence. As a result, I could not concentrate on my studies. I would simply switch on the television and see the program being transmitted, whatever nonsense it might be, so I told the television company to take it back since I prefer to read and write.

In this neither television, makers have any mistake or programmers or drama makers have any. In it, it’s just your own preference that made you out of your studies. You should not give priority to unnecessary things on the necessary ones.
Remember after setting aim you have to do hard work. For that, you have to should leave unnecessary activities. You should get just concentrated on your ambition.

In Quran Allah says;
Man gets what he strives for

In this Quranic verse, Allah clearly says about hard work. That He gives those who do hard work to get something. Life is not all roses there must be thorns in it. To gain something you need to get pain. Without pain, you cannot get anything easily.
You should not be in the comfort zone. Get rid of it! Build courage in yourself. You can do if you want. It might not be necessary that you get success on your first try. For all, you have to do is; Try, Try again! Few main steps for success are as follows;


The first and the most important step towards achievement is the identification of your aim in life, the goal you want to reach. If your aim is not clear then you are like sailing boat in an ocean and you do not know where to go and for what purpose i.e. it becomes a matter of luck, nothing else. So, have few but crystal clear goals of your life. Set your sails, establish your goals, and select the right occupation in life. Remember great people have always great ambition in their minds. Why do not you be one of them? Be single-minded so far as your main objective is concerned.
You cannot be anything if you want to be everything.”  (Solomon Schechter)


The second thing you should have the inspiration to attain your goal with great zeal, enthusiasm, and courage. Have will power. To translate aspiration, there are certain requirements to be met. You have to have enthusiasm, courage and the right attitude towards work. You have to learn proper management of time and should strive for your self-improvement. Have a proper schedule for each activity. Always think about what your hard work will fruit.


When you have planned for your achievement then hard work is the most and final requirement for success. Bring your plans into actions. Do the best you can do. Do everything right now! Endeavor your hidden capabilities. Learn to work in with pleasure and joy. Remember those who work hard wins. Have faith in Allah. James Cardinal Gibbons said, “I have lived eighty-six years. I have watched men climb to success, hundreds of them, and all the elements that are important for success, the most important is faith.” If we had no faith in Allah we would ultimately lose all our hopes. Remember you might not be successful on your first attempt. All you have to do is try, try again. Learn from mistakes. Try to avoid lame excuses.

Those who work hard will succeed
If not today, tomorrow or another day
Nothing can bar their progress
If their aim is noble, based on serving man.
The topic under discussion is too lengthy to be written. A few main pillars of success are just discussed in minimum details.


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