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Facts about Lucifer season 1

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Season 1 of Lucifer premiered on January 25, 2016 and concluded on April 25, 2016. The season had a total of 13 episodes. Because Tom Ellis hadn’t really established his Lucifer voice; so his tone and accept vary at the start. Hence why he sometimes slips and sounds more like how he would voice Michael in the future.

The highest rated episode on IMDB is the 24th episode of the 3rd season, which has a rating of 9.7. Which is quite impressive as only about 20 series in the whole history of IMDB have a higher rating than that. The actor who plays Lucifer (Tom Ellis) does his own singing throughout the show, although  he does not play the piano on screen. In early interviews for the show, he said he didn’t “really know” how to. In 2019, a video of him accompanying himself on a piano whilst singing showed he’s since added this skill to his repertoire.

In almost all episodes, the name of the episode is said by Lucifer. The National Catholic Reporter praised the show in 2020 for its depiction of faith and its struggles. They argued that by acknowledging God’s existence, the show uniquely gets to explore the ideas of free will, power, accountability, and faith.

In the television series Supernatural, season 11 episode 10, the show’s version of Lucifer says if he got out of his cage in Hell, he would move to Los Angeles and help solve crime. The episode aired before the Lucifer pilot. According to Tom Ellis, during his interview on the Rich Eisen show, the premise of the television show was born out of the pilot. Originally the series was going to be about Lucifer making deals with desperate/despicable people in order to collect favors from them on a later date. But after seeing how well the series worked as a police procedural and the potential stories that could come from that, the series was revamped after the pilot.

The book Chloe reads to Trixie is “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman. Lucifer is based on a character in Gaiman’s “Sandman” graphic novels. Tom Ellis reprised his role as Lucifer Morningstar in The Flash: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three (2019). That episode established that the series takes place on Earth-666, a reference to the Number of the Beas


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