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College romance season 2

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This series was created by Apoorv Singh Kraki and it is streaming on SonyLIV

The college gang is back after the holidays. Karan, Trippy, Naira, Deepika and Bagga. naira an Bagga are still dating,  Karan and Deepika are not so sure where their relationship is at. On the other hand Trippy and Raveena have broken up and Trippy is now chasing other girls. Apart from having fun, flirting and getting into fights, there is not much the group does.

The show opens with Naira thinking about telling Bagga a secret. At the same time Karan contemplates what to do in her relationship with the hot-headed Deepika. Along comes Trippi with his new conquest, a girl named Isha whom he calls Hippy due to the type of clothes that she wears and her passion for philosophy. His ex Raveena has moved to another place in order to study. Hippi then invited the whole group to a party filled with older men and women where a shayar keeps the entertainment alive. Some drinks and weed brownies later plenty of secrets begin to go around which will make the content of the later episodes. The series is filled with Deepika and Karan´s fights such as the ones from the previous season, Trippy´s romantic escapades, Naira and Bagga´s cheesy moments.

This show also talks about topics of the college experience such as the formation of friendships, secxual discovery… The main topic from this season is the fact that Naira is suddenly going to depart the country in order to further her studies.

The show only has five episodes, which revolve around this group of friends and thei antics. It is not one of those that is going to amaze with its extraordinary writing or difficult camera shots. However it is a good show to watch on the go or if you don´t really want to think and just want to watch something. This season is pretty similar to the first season and there are a few comedic elements. It scores an 8.4 on IMDB public rating.

I would only recommend watching this series if you are interested in Karan, Trippy, Naira, Deepika and Bagga and their relationships.


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