College romance season 2 characters

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Most of the characters that were in the first season of college romance are also in the second season such as the main characters like Karan, played by Keshav Sadhna, and Naira played by Apoorva Arora, Trippy played by Manjot Singh, Bagga played by Gagan Arora and Deepika played by Shreya Mehta. There are also two new characters who are Dhatrapriya that portrays Karan’s girlfriend and is playes by Nupur Nagpal and Raveena who plays Trippy´s ex-girlfriend and is portrayed by Hira Ashar. Finally there are some recurring characters such as Anshuman, Naina and Birju who are played by Ambrish Verma, Geetika Budhiraja and Ankit Motghare.

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