Final Results – MOS-2 (FALL-2020)

Final Results – MOS-2 (FALL-2020)

CEE206-Mechanics of Solids II- Paper – Final Exam

Final Exam – Feedback

  • Almost all students did not draw the CORRECT and COMPLETE Mohr’s Circle.

  • No student had drawn the Stress-Block Element for either Transformed Stresses or Principal Stresses.

  • Few students showed the link of ANGLE within mohr circle and outside mohr circle (without stress block no one could show this relationship).

  • Students merely tried to solve the mathematical portion of mohr circle; while, mohr’s circle is more dependent on GRAPHICAL SOLUTION as compared to GENERAL EQUATION METHOD OF STRESS TRANSFORMATION.

  • Those students who scored 5 in Question # 1 and 2, know nothing about Mohrs’ Circle.

  • Those students who scored 6 in Question # 1 and 2, are the ones who solved question without proper GRAPHICAL SOLUTIONS (Mohrs’ Circle and Element’s Stress Blocks).

  • Students utilized max. of their paper solving timing in attempting Question # 3, which could have been done in easier ways! Students tried to DERIVE and write EVERYTHING available in lecture notes. One could have attempted in smarter ways i.e. Definition + Final Equation + Individual and Combined Yield Surface.

  • Many students did not draw the COMBINED YIELD SURFACE DIAGRAM in Question # 3, leading to 2 Marks deduction. [ (6X1 + 6X1 + 6X1 + 2) = 20 Marks]

  • Those students who did not draw ANY Yield Surface, they were deducted 8 Marks, according to the marks distribution.

  • AND, Yes! No deductions were made for the late submission of the Exam (exam policies violation). Learn to attempt questions in SMARTER WAYS, rather than trying to WRITE EVERYTHING. Consider that a favor!

  • To be honest, I am NOT Satisfied with the output, as the course was complete many weeks ago. Only one theoretical lecture was remaining. Major mistakes are seen in those topics which were covered a month ago before exam.

General Rule!
If all students face time constraint in attempting Exam paper, and think paper is long enough to be solved in available time. Then in such cases you still have to submit your paper on time. And let the Department decide and give overall favor to all students.
Sessional Marks!
Few Assignments are still pending to be checked. InshaAllah, sooner you will be seeing your Sessional Marks.
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Viva Voce – Final Exam – Record

Zero Marks in Viva!
Those students who scored “Zero” in Viva Voce needs to improve ALOT.
Concepts were evaluated rather than definitions and typical stuff.
Alert to Students!
Those students who are requesting for marks addition in VIVA need to know, EVERYONE is EQUALLY treated and there is transparency in the Evaluation System as proper record has been attached. If someone think unnecessary marks or mistakenly marks have been deducted, please go through your answers in the recording. Maybe you get better insights! You can come to me in case you find your answers CORRECT.

Viva Voce – Final Exam – Mark Sheet

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Sessional Marks Sheet

Grading might change as for ONLINE CLASSES held due to COVID-19, Principal Seat improvised a new formula for Final Grading. They are little different then the previous used formula. Sessional-2 maybe considered as an Assignment.
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Overall Mark Sheet

Below mentioned is the system processing as approved by Worthy Offices of Deans and Registrar CUI, inline with COVID-19 notification issued in special circumstances of COVID-19 pandemic.

40% marks of this option will be distributed as Quiz/Assignments (25%) + Sessional 2 marks (15%) auto-generated as per Quiz/Assignment weightage.  Sessional 1 result entered by the teacher (10%) will remain the same.

Any modifications in Quiz/Assignments will auto regenerate results as per teacher’s selected assessment option.

Answers of Some FAQs:

1- If you have already submitted “Final” Marks, Please click the submit button again and select desired Option-2A which shows up at the final marks screen..

2- Selecting the above 2A Option is compulsory to process results.

3- If you have made a mistake in selecting the correct option, you can submit “Final” marks again by selecting the desired option.

4- Auto-generated mark types will not be editable. However, you can regenerate these after modifying any type of marks and by resaving “Final” marks with desired assessment option 2A.

5- Final award list will show auto processed weights after final marks submission. If a marks type is empty this means either you have not submitted final marks yet or you need to manually enter marks in this type. (Quiz, Assignment, Lab-Assignment, Sessional-1 in case of Option 2(a) etc.)

6- Option 2A uses existing Q&A marks to auto-generate weightages as per notification when final marks are submitted.

7- Option-2(A) is only applicable if sessional-1 marks were entered in the system along with Quiz and Assignments.


MOS-2 Overall Result (Draft Copy) – Regular Students


MOS-2 Overall Result (Draft Copy) – Repeat Students

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