Construction Project Goals and Objectives – Lecture 2

Construction Project Goals and Objectives – Lecture 2 – PDF

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Construction Project Goals and Objectives – Lecture 2 – Excerpt

Construction Project –
Goals and Objectives

Engr. Shad Muhammad


Department of Civil Engineering

COMSATS University Islamabad, Sahiwal Campus.

Objectives of Construction Project Planning

Construction project planning is the initial and most important phase of project management. Planning comprises defining objectives of the project, sequence of works, construction methods, planning of resources, preparing estimation, and durations for various activities to bring about the satisfactory completion of project.

The documents for construction planning consist of designs and drawings, quantity estimates, construction methods to be adopted, contract documents, site conditions, market survey, local resources, project environment and the client’s requirements.


Validating the Objectives of Project Planning

Project planning provides direction and standards of performance. It also helps to know about the risks and opportunities coming ahead. In this phase, a plan is made and strategies are set by considering the company’s rules, procedure and policies.

Objectives of a project should be provided very clearly because these are essential for the completion of project with in the time. The objectives of project planning are not independent. They are interrelated with each other either directly or indirectly. The objectives must follow the rule “SMART”. Here each letter implies certain quality of an objective and those are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Tangible.


Objectives of Construction Project Planning

1.Planning of each activity

2.Construction Methods

3.Planning for Construction Equipments and Machinery

4.Procurement of materials

5.Planning for employee skills

6.Planning for required documents and drawings

7.Financial Planning


1. Planning of Each Activity

The construction project planning should identify and wp-wp-includess every activity of the project in a sequential order. Every activity should be scheduled in a timeline for tracking of a construction project.


2. Construction Methods

Plans should wp-wp-includess construction methods to be adopted for different construction activities and tools and planning for tools and tackles for each activity so that they can be made available whenever required.


3. Planning for Construction Equipments and Machinery

Cost of a construction varies greatly with the use of construction equipments and heavy machinery as their renting cost could be very high per day. So, planning and scheduling for such equipments and machinery should be done in advance so that project activities goes on smoothly without keeping these equipments in waiting. Project should be planned in such a way that the use of these machinery can be made to maximum during the given period to make it cost effective.


4. Procurement of Materials

Project planning should also wp-wp-includess procurement planning for materials. It is not advisable to keep the material unused for site for long time. This can degrade the material as well as much of the cost is spent on such materials. So, proper planning of material procurement also helps to complete the project within budget.


5. Planning for Employee Skills

Some of the construction activities requires availability of skilled person to execute that work. It is not necessary to employ such person throughout the project, so proper planning of such work can reduce the cost of operation for that activity.


6. Planning for Required Documents and Drawings

Construction projects are executed based on the drawings and specifications. It is necessary to track and make available these drawings at site on time so that the construction activities are not stopped. Thus construction project planning should also wp-wp-includess the schedules of drawings, specifications and other documents to be made available at site for review and execution without delaying the project.


7. Financial Planning

Financial planning of construction is the most important aspects. Different amounts are required at different stages of construction project. Proper planning of funds for construction helps the project proceed smoothly. There is no point in investing all the budgeted amount on the construction project during start of the project. This can be done in phases as and when required.

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