Ranking – Characters from Money Heist

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Money Heis has been one of the most popular Netflix shows from the last 5 years. Having a total of 600 million viewers wordlwide, it is the second most watched series from this platform. Here are some of the best characters from the 5 seasons

Firstly we have Tokyo. The narrator of the story from the first episode and the heart of the group. She is a tough, but kind and with a lack of empathy for others. She entered the world of crime at the age of 14, following in the footsteps of her 28-year-old boyfriend. Since then she has alternated periods of normality, with her conventional job, with others linked to all kinds of robberies.

As a very close second is The Professor. The brains and mastermind of the group. He doesn´t take part in the robberies however he is the most important part of the group. He is the polar oposite of anybody from the group as he is calm, patient and meticolous.

Another very cool character is Berlin. The professor´s brother and leader in command inside the Mint. White-collar thief specializing in jewelry theft. He entered the world of crime to maintain the very high standard of living to which he was accustomed from the cradle. He is narcissistic, he has an air of superiority with the other members of the band and he is also direct and brutal.

Next up is Río, Tokyo´s romance inside the robbery and out. He is the geek from the group and the best with computer´s. He is also the youngest from the group and some could say the weakest link from the group.

After him is Denver, another hothead from the group. He is inside the robbery with his father Moscow. Badass from the suburbs, a bit short-sighted and impulsive. He wasn´t part of anything big in his whole life until this robbery, where he saw a chance at big money. The progress that we see with his character is one of the best from the whole series as he goes from this hard and tough guy to a loving and caring person.

His father Moscow, he used to work in the mines and then as a locksmith. In turn he would turn to crime as he could open any lock. He wouldn´t make it past the first season however he was still one of the best and most charismatic characters from the whole show.

Lastly we have Nairobi, whose death has to be the saddest from the whole series. She got into the life of crime at an early age as a forger until she got pretty famous. However an unplanned pregnancy and no father to show for, she got into another life as a dealer which made her loose her child.


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