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Building Permits in Abbottabad & Dera Ismail Khan City, Pakistan

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Building Permits in Abbottabad & Dera Ismail Khan (D.I.K.) City, Pakistan

Construction Sector in Pakistan is going to improve at a rapid pace, as the current government is interested in increasing the revenue and job opportunities for its wp-content/uploads by focusing on the ‘Construction Sector’. It is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the construction sector is being considered as a proper CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. We being the citizen of Pakistan, are thankful to all The Ministers and The Bureaucracy, who are directly involved in planning and processing these developments and especially grateful to The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan. 

PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council), who was destined to control and regulate the construction sector, will no more be important in this regard. PEC, which failed to provide enough jobs in this sector by regulating it, is showing a lot of resistance against this transformation. Such resistances against country development neither should be supported nor be promoted on any platform.

How it will be revolutionizing the economy and how much? that is another story!

Recently, I was asked (name was not mentioned) to share the Building Permits for Abbottabad City and Dera Ismail Khan City of Khyber PakhtoonKhwa Province.


Development Works

1. Village Level

As per the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Amendment Act 2019, it is a function of the Village Council or Neighbourhood Council to implement and monitor village level development works.

2. City Level

It is the responsibility of the local area development authorities to carry out city-level development works.


Duties of the Building Control Cell are as under: 

  • To check the construction activities within their areas of responsibilities and take the required action.
  • To confirm the construction of buildings according to approved building plans.
  • To check the encroachment on CB / Govt land and take the required action.
  • To keep a vigilant check on unauthorized construction and report in the office if any illegal activity is detected.


Essential Points Related to Building Bye-laws

  1. In plots having area one Marla Less than 07 Marla, 1/4th Open Area is required to be provided in the building plan as well as at site.
  2. In plot having area above 07 Marla Less than 10 Marla, 1/4th Open Area including 4’-0” wide minimum three sides must be remaining open in the building plan as well as at site.
  3. In plots having area 10 Marla and above, 1/3rd Open Area including 5’-0” wide minimum Four sides must be opened in the building plan as well as at site.
  4. The maximum size of Mumty in residential buildings is measuring 120.00 Sft.
  5. In street having a width less than 16′-0″, 1/4th open area is required to be left on First Floor, otherwise, only a single storey house is allowable.
  6. In street having width 16′-0″ or more, double-story house allowable.
  7. In street having width 10′-0″ or less, only a single storey house is allowable.


Water Charges in Abbottabad 

Sr. #




1.Residential UnitsUp to 1360 Sft (up to 5 Marlas)Rs. 1200
1361 Sft & Above

( Above 5 Marlas)

Rs. 1800

CB Flats/Quarters

Rs. 1800 fixed
2.Shops / Cabins / Offices/Beauty Parlor/Banks/Hair Dressers with Hamam/Marriage Halls/Petrol/CNG Pumps with service stations,Bakeries/Restaurants/Café/ Fast Food/Hotel etc1 ShopRs. 6000
2 to 10 ShopsRs. 7200
11 Shops & AboveRs. 8400


Detection of illegal connection

Rs.1000/ – alongwith 3 year water charges recovery according to the area / size

In planning phase of construction, do thoroughly go through the The-KP-Model-Building-Bye-laws-2017.


Building Permits – Abbottabad

    1. Building-Application-Form-001
    2. Building-Application-Form-002-A 
    3. Building-Application-Form-003-B 
    4. Building-Application-Form-004-C 
    5. Building-Application-Form-005-D 
    6. Building-Application-Form-006-E 
    7. Property-Tax-Exemption-Form (Serving / Retired Govt Employee) 
    8. Water-Connection-Form


COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus, KPK, Pakistan.

COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus, KPK, Pakistan.


Building Permits – Dera Ismail Khan

    1. Form-1-Application for Sanction of Plans
    2. Form-2-Architect-Engineers-Certificate
    3. Form-3-Notice of Discontinuance 
    4. Form-4-Certification of Structural Soundness of Buildings
    5. Form-5-Verification of Building at Plinth Level Stage 
    6. Form-6-Notice of Completion 
    7. Form-7-Regularization of Works carried out Without Permission 
    8. Water-Connection-Form


Qurtuba University, Dera Ismail Khan, KPK, Pakistan.

Qurtuba University, Dera Ismail Khan, KPK, Pakistan.


How long it takes to obtain a Building Permit?

If everything is in perfect order, and nothing is missing, then it will take 1.5 months for approval.

If a few documents are missing or incomplete or unjustifiable, then the approval time will be extended till the rectification of the missing items, inappropriate items, missing legal documents, etc. 


From where we can take Building Permits and Required Forms?

Building Permits in Pakistan can be obtained from Cantonment Board Offices of the specific districts.

In Abbottabad, CB-Cares Building in front of CM-Hospital, is the center from which you can process the application. Buy forms, and start processes. Google Map of CB-Cares is attached herein.

Normally, building permits are accompanied by a Form Price of 300 Rs. to 500 Rs. depending on locality.

For more information, please visit the nearest Cantonment Board Offices. They are Professionals and will welcome you warmly.


Location?– Cantonment Board, Abbottabad


Location?– Cantonment Board, Dera Ismail Khan

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