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Become a Person of Influence

One of the prime motive of communication either through verbal or non-verbal and at all positions and stages of life human wants to influence others. Influence for the sake of obedience, acknowledgment, decision making, etc. ‘How to influence someone’ is a science and an art. Psychological understanding of human nature and the art of delivery are essential keys for getting the work done.

Steps of Influence

    1. Modelling

    2. Motivation

    3. Mentoring (Helping others to reach their potentials)

    4. Multiplication


Add value to people life.

Level of influence is not static.

Look beyond circumstances.

Constant source of joy and happiness.

Who is on influence list? Some are well known, some are not well known.

Become a person of high influence.



Don’t cheat ever, you will get the opportunity.

Honest character in action.

Genuine integrity is not for sale.

Integrity need is increasing day by day. (Uniqueness)

Take care of little things, you will take care of major things.

Ethical principles are not flexible.

Character is made in small moments of our life. Character is never created in crisis.

Never compromise your integrity.

It allows others to trust you.

The benefit of trust is influence.

In order to be a leader man has to have some followers and in order to have followers one must have influence. Hence supreme quality of a leader is integrity.

Teaching and actions must match each other.

Choose the path of integrity.

Nurture Other People


Genuine concern for others.

Don’t criticize.

Positive feelings and concerns for them. Give love and respect. People are unique.

People are desperate for encouragement.

Learn to be other minded. Learn to put yourself in other place.

Give yourself away to others.

    1. Positive self-worth (Self-esteem): Build people self-worth…
    2. Sense of belonging (let child feel important family members); ask people personal questions
    3. Perspective (what we are not)
    4. Feeling of significance (I am not someone else) add value to people.
    5. Hope (you too can become great)
    6. Attitude

Steps for Nurturing the People

First, commit to them.

Second, believe in them.

Third, be accessible to them.

Forth, give them with no string attached. If you need people, you cannot lead them.

Fifth, give them opportunities.

Sixth, lift them to higher level.

Have Faith in People


People can put their life in your hand.

Four Facts about Faith

  1. Most people don’t faith in themselves.

  2. Most people don’t have someone who has faith in them.

  3. Most people can tell when someone has faith in them.

  4. Most people can do anything to live up to your faith in them.

People rise or fall to the level of faith or expectation.

Believe in people abilities. They will prove it. The best gift.

Its belief in action.

Treat them with confidence in them. Help them reach their potentials.

How to Become a Believer in People

      1. ‘B’ believe in them before they succeed. Everyone loves a winner. Everyone has seeds of greatness.

      2. ‘E’ Emphasis their strengths.

      3. ‘L’ lists their past successes. Make me feel important. Remember them about their past victories.

      4. ‘I’ instill confidence when they fail.

      5. ‘E’ experience some wins together. Winning is motivating. Let them win with you.

      6. ‘V’ visualise people success. Give them reasons

      7. ‘E’ expect a new level of living. Let them see beyond. Expand their horizons.

Winners’ edge is in attitude.

If you can do something, then you can do anything.

A Person of Influence Listens to People


Job-selling yourself.

You aren’t learning anything when you are always talking.

Build’s loyalty.

Gather valuable information.

      1. Look at the speaker.
      2. Don’t interrupt.
      3. Focus on understanding.
      4. Determine the need at the moment.
      5. Check your emotions.
      6. Suspend your judgement.
      7. Sum up at major intervals.
      8. Ask questions for clarity.
      9. Always make listening your priority.

A Person of Influence Understands People


Success in business is delaying with people.

Fear, self-centeredness, lack of appreciations, etc.

If you can understand them then you can influence them.

      1. Every buddy wants to be some buddy. Feel important.
      2. No buddy care how much you know, until he knows how much you care. You got to love people before they love you. Keep smiling, giving, and treating with care no matter what.
      3. Every buddy needs some buddy. Every buddy is dependent on some people.
      4. Every buddy can be some buddy when some buddy understands and believe in him. Little things can make big difference.
      5. Any buddy who helps some buddy influences a lot of bodies. It overflows, it multiply.

Find what people want, and let them how to get it.

It’s a choice!!!

A Person of Influence Enlarges People


Challenge people to grow. Let them be expandable.

Modelling a life of integrity, motivating people, give incentives to succeed, you have to mentor and enlarge them. Increase people capacity to grow.

You can teach what you know, but you can reproduce only what you are!!!

No person will grow from a person who isn’t growing himself. Continue to grow.

There is a price to grow, which is commitment.

To maximize the enlarging process follow these 9 guidelines

      1. See their potentials. What you have done, what you could do.

      2. Cast a vision for their future.

      3. Tap into their passion.

      4. Address any character flaws. If foundations is not solid then there are problems.

      5. Focus on their strengths first.

      6. Put resources in their hands.

      7. Expose them to enlarging experiences.

      8. Be a natural problem solver. Be a good navigator.

      9. Stay with people.

Your best friend is who expose your best skills inside you.

A Person of Influence Connects with People


Mutual benefits

      1. Don’t take people for granted. Valuing people.
      2. Develop make a different mind set
      3. Initiate movement towards them. A leader must be an initiator.
      4. Look for common ground.
      5. Recognize and respect differences in personalities. Pay attention to people personality.
      6. Find the key to others life.
      7. Communicate with the heart.
      8. Share common experiences. People are lonely because they have built walls instead of building bridges.
      9. Once connected, move forward.

You have to share yourself, before you share your journey.

Connection creates willingness.

People are same all around the world. Rules are same for influence.

A Person of Influence Empowers People


Provide best services to people even when you have to pay from your own pocket

People are important, not policies.

Enable people to reach highest level.

Sharing yourself with purpose of investing in lives with others.

Sharing your resources, time, and power, with others.

Win-win for you and people.

How to Empower Others

      1. Evaluate them (experience vs inexperienced)

      2. Model for them (let them what is expected from them-show them)

      3. Give them permission to succeed.

      4. Transfer authority to them

      5. Show confidence in them wp-content/uploadsally

      6. Supply them with feedback (People do what gets praised)

      7. Release them and continue on their own (Freedom of choice)

Use it for competitive advantage for your company.

A Person of Influence Reproduces Other Influencers


The power of multiplication

Practice what you preach. Share it with others.

Leadership crisis today.

Function of a leader is to produce more leaders not always followers.

Everything rises and falls on leaderships.

Maintenance to multiplication processes.

5 steps of leaderships modes

      1. Scramble mode

      2. Survival mode

      3. Syphon mode

      4. Synergy mode (whole is greater than some of its parts)

      5. Significance

INFLUENCER stands for:

      1. ‘I’-modelling integrity

      2. ‘n’-nurturing people

      3. ‘f’ showing faith on others

      4. ‘l’ listening to them

      5. ‘U’ Understanding them

      6. ‘E’ Enlarging them

      7. ‘N’ Navigating them though difficulties

      8. ‘C’ Connecting with them

      9. ‘E’ Empowering them

      10. R’ reproducing other leaders

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