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10 Concepts of Money

Money is a concept and a phenomenon and earning money is a process. Today I will be sharing with you the ‘10 realities or rules of money’.

1. Money Attracts Money

Whenever a poor minded person will gain money he will first fulfill his basic requirements of life and then with the remaining money either he will put them into Bank Account or will hide them somewhere or will waste them on buying illogical and senseless things or extravagantly utilize money on marriages, cars, etc. in order to show his elated status or improve his social status.


But the rich minded man will earn money and will fulfill his daily monetary requirements and will not waste his money on buying useless things, nor he will put his money in Bank Accounts.


Why rich man will not put his money in Banks?


Because he knows purchasing power of money will keep on reducing with each passing day.


What a person can buy on 1000 USD today, the same guy will not be able to buy the same product or item after 2 years due to ‘inflation of economy’ and ‘devaluation of the money’. That is the reason rich man invest the saved money in some fruitful business or lend loans to someone; as if he cannot take real time benefit of the money today then someone else will take benefit of the current value of the money. Value of money changes with each passing hour.

2. Money only Befriends Money Makers

Money never comes to dodgers, lazy people, deceiving people, non-hardworking people and the coward people.


What do you mean here by ‘Coward People’?


Coward people, in term of money, are those who are not the risk takers. They are having risk averting personality.


If you want to earn money, then surround yourself with rich people who are making money. Keep relationship with risk takers and befriend with them. And a time will come you will be like them. A man is known by the company he keeps.

3. Money is a Game

The more you play cricket, the better you become in it. It is true. Money is a similar thing.


Start from playing a small game, start from a small investment. The more you play the money game, the better and more you will get it.

4. Money is Equal to the Value You Provide

A Nokia phone today will cost 5 to 10 USD today while iPhone will cost thousands of USDs. There are doctors who will charge 2 USD per visit, but there are doctors who will charge 20 USD per visit.




Because they and their services or products are more valuable. There more valuable you become the more value you bring, the more branding you get.

5. Money has a Tap

The more taps you place the more money you will get. Think money in a container in which nature will put money inside. The more taps you place on the ‘money tank’ the more output you will get. But the container keeps depositing more money. So the key is that, the more you invest, the more frequently your tank will fulfill, and the richer you will become.


Keep the money circulating in the society. Never ever put them in saving accounts.


If iPhone company had paused its gadget development till iPod, then no one would be knowing it today. But it diversified the gadgets like iPads, iPhones, iBuds, etc. The more diversification in does, the more it earns.


If you keep yourself to one item, then maybe a time come that it become obsolete someday or maybe sooner.

6. Money Opens Doors

Money is a source to get happiness. The richer you are the richer friends will be attracted towards you. They will offer you more opportunities for growth.


Money attracts money, then talent attracts money, and later on talented people get attracted towards you. That is the reason why rich is getting richer with each passing day.

7. Money can be Addictive

Money is like a drug like heroine, cocaine, smoke, etc. Money itself is non-hazardous. But the utilization of money can be harmful. ‘Make Money’ is addictive activity. Previously stated earning money is a game, the more you play the more addictive you become.


Whenever you will sleep, walk, talk, you will always think about earning money. But it is not that bad habit. One need to learn proper utilization of money.

8. Money can Buy Experience

Money give you experience. You can learn more things. If you cannot learn or experience something while earning money but with money you can buy those experiences or heir experienced people.


The people who have invested their lives on one skill or specialty, then you can pay them to serve you.

9. Money will Solve your Money Problems

Money can provide solution to 90% of your financial problems. Proverb ‘Greed is a Curse’ is not acceptable. Greed is great as it can solve your education expenses, food expenses, medical expenses, etc. Money has power to solve, to innovate, to predict, etc.

10. Money Feeds, Provides Shelter and Gives Good Sleep at Night

Money feeds you, provide residence for you and give you a sound and satisfied sleep even. It works better than any sleeping or relaxant medicines available.  


That is enough for today. Have a Great Day!

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