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What Percentage of TDEE is Recommended for Weight Loss?

There is no doubt that many people came across the term tdee, which stands for total daily energy expenditure. In the world of weight loss, this number is usually used to determine the quantity of calories you’re required to cut from your daily diet for weight loss.


Experts recommend focusing on the change for long-term habits instead of emphasizing on tdee. Tdee is basically an estimation regarding the burning of your calories when physical activity is taken into account. It is an equation that determines your BMR.


Most people turn to online tdee calculator by free tools to know their total daily energy expenditure. 

What is TDEE & What is my Tdee?

Total daily energy expenditure for weight loss is said to be the number of calories an individual needs to burn each day. Experts say that this number varies from person to person according to body height, body composition, physical activity level, etc.


The total daily energy expenditure for a large active man can conveniently make a calorie deficit of 2000. You can calculate the number of calories by yourself. You just need to use the online total daily energy expenditure calculator to calculate tdee (total daily energy expenditure). 

Do Men & Women Burn Calories Differently?

The answer for this question is quite simple, which is “yes”. Males & females burn calories at different rates. This is why gender is included in the equation to determine tdee and height, weight, and age. These are a few of the factors that can impact the number of calories a person burns.

When it comes to males, then generally, they have less body fat as compared to females. They also tend to have more muscles. More muscles mean that a body can burn more calories when the body is not in motion.


So, you can say that males can burn more calories in comparison to females overall. That says the body composition of an individual plays a vital role in energy expenditure. If you want to know my tdee, then the simplest way is to use a tdee calculator that estimates your tdee according to age, height, weight, and gender.

Experts Recommendation Regarding Energy Expenditure

According to the different researches, the appropriate target of total daily energy expenditure for weight loss is approximately 75 percent, which could be below 25 percent of your tdee. This comes out to approximately 10 to 12 calories per pound of body weight each day for many people.


Finally, now you know the expert’s recommendations about the total daily energy expenditure.

Why Are Calories Important?

Understanding the exact number of calories that your body requires helps you a lot in balancing your nutrition accordingly.


Knowing your daily energy expenditure also helps you in your fitness goals, whether you’re estimating tdee for fat loss and muscle gain, which requires a calorie-controlled diet.


The logic of tdee is simple. You need to consume fewer calories compared to the number of calories you burn every day for weight loss.


You are required to eat more calories if your goal is to gain weight, and you need the exact amount of calories when you want to maintain your weight.


The calorie estimation for these scenarios is a bit complicated. So, give a try to an online tdee calculator that gives the exact estimation depending on the values you entered into the tool.

Final Words

No doubt that your daily calorie requirements depend on the goal, whether it is weight loss, gain, or maintenance. Once you know goal, then you can determine your tdee according to a few important factors.


The factors on which your goal is dependent are age, current weight, physical activity level, and Metabolic rate. For tdee calculation, using of tdee calculator is a better option for tdee estimation.


The best part about this free calculator is that it displays the results depending on the factors we mentioned in this post.

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