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The Power of Thinking Happiness

According to my previous article Be Positive About Yourself – Self Image, we are a product of our own self perceptions about our own selves. Our self-image is composed of all the inborn abilities, personal limitations, social grooming, cultural development, religious affiliations, your achievements, fears, goals, etc. Self-image is created not in day, it takes years to develop, and sometime it might take generations to in composing a single self-image, the You.

It’s all right to have a train of thoughts, if you have a terminal.Anonymous

We are an Image of Generations

Yes, it’s true. Heredity characteristics are transferred through generations; this is what biological researchers inform us. A person born in a noble family have greater chances of being noble. A person born in a miser family will most probably be a miser too. It is said that tell me the parents characteristics and I will tell you the child character. Insightful indeed.


Thus, parenting is the key. And that makes you and every person special because several generations’ history lies in our hearts. We know it deep inside. We sometimes show anomalous behaviors that astounds us. There is where the history lies. Unexplored. Anyhow, various articles need to be written on the exploration of undead humans inside us.

A man stands in his own shadows and wonders why it is dark.Zen Saying

The good news is you are controlling your present environment, tasks, and emotions. Having said that, you are partially in control of your present emotions and self-esteem. The more aware you are about your deep state; the more control you will have over your outer world. Key is ‘you are the master of your own destiny’. Powerful souls are makers, shakers, and takers. You are aware from my previous article Stop Your Life – Live in Moments and Live Now – Forget Past and Forget Future that happiness is a state. State is temporary and controllable. 

Bury bad thoughts under good ones. Then the bad ones will just fade away, and be forgotten.Anonymous

We Become What We Think

I am sure you have learned and implemented a positive self-image. Good thing is you came to know that your emotions and states are controllable and can be changed. Just by changing your attitude towards life you can see the world around you changing in a desired manner.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.Mahatma Gandhi

In Change Yourself – World will Change for You, you understood the power of personal change. Your thoughts changed your self-esteem and your self-image. Just think and endorse it daily several times and you will be happy. Hence, the power of thinking is enormous to comprehend. Your outer world is the mirror image of your inside world. In Roman Urdu it is said;


Kya Lutf Hi Anjuman Ka,

Jab Dil He Bhuj Gaya Ho.


Translation: How can I enjoy the moments of the gatherings, when my heart is sad from inside.

Very true and observerable in our daily life. If you are unhappy, then the world around seems full of disappoints and disapprovals; you will feel all alone and having no interest in truly living the current moments related to the worldly matters. It’s just because our mind is not willing to accept the outer change and is resisting to live in the self-developed habitat of disappointments in which it is accustomed to live, maybe temporarily or permanently. We chose to be happy or unhappy, as discussed in Be Happy – No Matter What and Live Now – Forget Past and Forget Future.

Think of what you want, and you will get it. Think of what you don’t want, and you will get that as well.Just Win Singh

Responsible Me

Humans are weak in taking the responsibility. When it comes to your daily activities we have to decide, we have to develop some plan and take action over it. What usually happens is, if you ask someone why you did succeed or why you did not take action or what were the causes of failure? You will be surprised to know from their story that ‘everyone else’ was responsible expect him or her. They will keep pushing the circumstances, the world, and the other good people responsible for his personal failures in life.

Never Ending Blame Game

The Blame Game never ends. If you have developed an attitude of blaming others for your personal failures or mismanagement in life, then please firstly accept that you need to change your attitude and take control of your mind. Positive attitude will change your behavior and ultimately will improve your circumstances someday but instantaneously it will make you happy person.

Accepting Responsibility and Moving Forward

Finding the reasons, by itself an inhumane task. Just accept it and move forward. Bury the hatchet but please do accept and take the responsibility over your head.

Similarly, we are unhappy because of blah blah blah… reasons. I damn care about the reasons of unhappiness, neither you should care about them too. But please take care of your mind, the unhappy mind, the dissatisfied mind. Whatever you have and whatever you do is primarily for your personal satisfaction and happiness. If you are not living the moments, then efforts are futile. You are living in wasteland. Move on buddy, just move on from wasteland. Change yourself, change your neighborhood, and change your friends.

The GIGO Principle

The Garbage In, Garbage Out is terminology of software world and our minds works on the same principle. I told you in my previous article ‘Live Now – Forget Past and Forget Future’ that our attitudes are linked with our achievements and self-image is developed which ultimately overrides our attitudes. So think several times what you are listing, what you are reading, what your five senses are observing.

You are a Product

You are a product, I am sorry, but you are a product. A product of your parents upbringing, socio-cultural development, the education system, and all the inputs from your mind whether from reading, writing, listening, speaking, touching, whatever. You are the product of life and circumstances. Unlike tradition phone, human is a smart product. It can change itself, it can change its thinking and behavior. How wonderful the product is. Amazing.

Product of Nature - Allah

In last article Be Positive About Yourself – Self Image, I stated that you are the product of The Creator (Allah or Nature, whatever you like). How wonderful that is. Someone owns you. Nature has programmed and installed a lot of options in you. You are the mirror image of the Creator. So why living in misery, disappointments and unhappiness when you are the best product of the nature. Do not disappoint yourself by small mishaps or misdeeds, nor underestimate your potentials to grow, earn, and create, and please do refrain from overestimating yourself over other human being who are like you and equal to your kind self. 

Welcome to the World of Thoughts

Are you a believer of God or an Atheist or do you accept the concepts of metaphysics? Have you visited the world beyond logics? If yes, then well you might understand the abstract and untouchable arts of Nature. If not, then let me try to make you understand we are a product of our own thinking.

Categorizing Failure and Success is our Thinking

Sometimes I teach Material Sciences, where I teach the Theory of Material Failure. Why it is theory why not law? Are all laws really laws or just our superficial understanding of nature? Or we understood it that way for our convenience? Anyhow let me not drag the Science and the Nature.

So I teach them that failure is defined by scientists and engineers, and it is a level we decide. Material do not understand nor it cares about your categorizations. Like we decide a student having 49 marks out of 100 should be considered fail, when passing marks are 50 and above.

Thoughts about Success and Happiness

We are earning enough, more or less, that is our thinking. A person earning a lot and having a lot might think himself discontented and will be struggling more for money as compared to a really poor guy. Because he thinks himself poor even if grab the whole world. We think we are successful but many in our surroundings might be categorizing us as total failure.

We might think whatever life we have is degraded and not livable, but there might be many for whom your life is an ideal achievement. You think you exist. You think you are alive. You think you are happy and then you are. You think you are rich and that brings contentment and the richness.

You Can…If You Think You Can


Think big, and your deeds will grow,

Think small, and you’ll fall behind.

Think that you can, and you will

It’s all in the state of mind.


If you think you are outclassed, you are,

You’ve got to think high to rise;

You’ve got to be sure of yourself,

Before you can ever win a prize.


Life’s battles don’t always go,

To the stronger or faster man,

But sooner or later the man who wins,

Is the fellow who thinks he can.

Edwin Markham

Thinking Decree for Success and Happiness

Success is a journey, and happiness is a state, and that is all our thinking. How we perceive situations and states are totally different then what the true reality is. Reality is Relative or Absolute, do read my article for better insights. What you think about your life will be a decree and will come to existence. What matters is how we process the world around us in our thoughts.

It is not what is in the world that determines the quality of your life, it is how you choose to process your world in your thoughts.Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Formulae for Escaping Unhappiness

Since you came to understanding that you thinking controls you and the world around. Hence you got the formulae for success and unhappiness. Your mental control is the real self-control and that is the only thing that keeps you motivated and going and happy.


Create your imagination and start living in it and a day will come that you really be living in it. Develop your desires, inspirations, dreams and think big. But please be careful in what you are asking for. Nature is yours, this world is yours, so ‘be yours’ too. Step up and live more. Wonderful world for happiness and success wait for you.

Thought by Thought


We build our future, thought by thought,

Or good or bad, and know it not –

Yet so the universe is wrought.

Thought is another name for fate,

Choose, then thy destiny, and wait –

For love brings love, hate brings hate.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


    1. We become what we think we are.

    2. Take responsibility for every action and decision made by you.

    3. We live in world of thoughts, and we are a product of it too.

    4. Decree success and happiness and it will start existing. Decree unhappiness and that will start existing.

    5. Formulae for happiness is self-control over our thinking.

Real Optimism


Real optimism is aware of problems,

But recognizes the solutions;

Know the difficulties

But believes they can be overcome;

Sees the negative

But accentuates the positive;

Is exposed to the worst

But expects the best;

Has reason to complain

But chooses to smile!

William Arthur Ward

About the Author

This article is written by Shad Muhammad.

(c) Some Rights Reserved.

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