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The Donated Happiness – Give and Get

Our journey towards happiness is getting exciting with each passing day. If you are truly accepting the concepts, firmly believing in them and have started applying them in your daily life, then you might be feeling the difference between your current happy life and the previous depressed life. The good thing is, solution exists from any to every problem. What matters is, sometimes we search at wrong places. Let’s move forward and learn, understand and adopt some more fascinating concepts regarding happiness and the causes of unhappiness.

Why Are We Unhappy?


Have you ever mused about the primary reason for the unhappiness despite having all the worldly resources? Yes, you are significantly right. Our self-centered nature is the basic reason for our unhappiness. We are caught in trap of self-development and further development. Always moving in learn and earn cycle. We will discuss in our future articles in the Money Series – Money For Everyone that earning money is not a problem at all. Some are blessed and others are given as per their fate.

Obsessed About Earning Money?


If earning money is not our problem, then why all our interests are surrounded by earning money? Earning money is not bad, don’t be misunderstanding the concept. But getting too much involved in earning which is already destined for you is foolishness. More earning, more prosperity is illogical cause and effect. Nothing has been observed as such. Though, more earning and more misery can be found commonly. If money exceeds a certain limit then it becomes poison, as stated by Imam Ghazali, and we observed.

The Cost of Obsessions

Discussing few concepts of money above were necessary as our primary focus is on tools to earn prosperity and happiness rather than on results for a happy soul. Earning more and being obsessed makes us sacrifices much that can never be retrieved back ever. This lose is due to ego-centric nature required to obsessed earning. People lose health, family, kids, relationships, growth opportunity, and most importantly they lose their souls. Our understanding is blurry. Our self-created solutions are by itself a call to many more problem.

The Forgotten Pride

Striving for self-development we intrinsically develop a negative trait and start considering we are something big enough and irreplaceable. We start considering that our achievements are too great and the work we did is absolutely amazing. It might be but everything is replaceable and can be improved upon. So where does your achievements lie? Nowhere. Simple is that. Usually we forget the primary purpose of life as stated in Life is a Game and We all are Players that we need to live our lives in the best possible manners. That’s it.

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.Eleanor Roosevelt

The Castle of Happiness


When we start prospering in any area of life we usually start developing the scarcity mentality. That there is very less available in nature and I have attained a major chuck in this world and people are my enemies that must be left behind so that they do not reach me and disturb my castle of peace, happiness and richness. How pity that soul might be.


Getting away from humanity after earning few bucks more. Such people like me start fearing people surrounding us that they might try to snatch our happiness, hence what I do is start developing high rise walled fortress against my happiness. Forgetting happiness is an expression which needs people to share with. How educated illiterate I am.

The Scarcity Mentality


People are having scarcity mentality and they are common. You will find many rich guys with poor mentality. Will you call them rich? If so then you need to understand the pain in which they are trapped. Scarcity mentality assume that everything is rare and very few can grab it. Once grabbed, the others will fail and live a miserable life. How mistaken they are.

You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.John Wooden

Material Vs Spiritual World

Life is like a river of opportunities flowing from eternity and everyone had enough and will have enough in generations to come. Nature is not limited. Though material sciences put limits to our understanding by stating law that ‘mass can neither be created nor be destroyed’. But in the world of souls and spirituality, anything to everything can be created and multiple several times. One of the something is happiness.

Multiply Happiness by Giving What We Have


If you have enough, I am sorry, everyone has enough. Then let’s grab something more by learning Give and Get principle. Give and Get principle states that whatever you want in life start give that and in return you will get more of it. Everything will return to you in multiplied forms. The good you do, the better will happen to you. The bad you do to others and worst will happen to you. If you want money, then start distributing money.

There is a wonderful mystical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life – happiness, freedom, and peace of mind are always attained by giving them to someone else.Peyton Conway March

The Circulation Theory


How wonderful is the circle, have you wondered about it? There is no end to the circle, neither it has the starting point nor the end point. Circle is a circle, from where it started no one knows. The circulation theory states whatever is in circulation will grow. If you put money in saving accounts, then you are holding the money like putting a hen over eggs for the incubation and hatching purpose.

He gave to all, they called him mad; the more he gave, the more he had.John Bunyan

Holding money is like pausing the circle. Whoever try to stop the circle, he will be thrown away with the speed of centrifugal force. Done and dusted, he. Hence, if you want happiness, spread happiness, and you will get more happiness. If you want kindness to be done to you, then please be kind to your subordinates. What you sow, so shall you reap.

If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.Arab Proverb

By Giving I Receive


I launched a smile, far out it sailed

On life’s wide troubled sea,

And many more than I could count

Came sailing back to me.


I clasped a hand while whispering,

‘The clouds will melt away’.

I felt my life was very blessed

All through the hours that day.


I sent a thought of happiness

Where it was needed sore,

And very soon thereafter, found

Joy adding to my store.


I wisely shared my slender hoard,

Toil-earned coins of gold.

But presently it flowed right back

Increased a hundredfold.


I helped another climb a hill,

A little thing to do,

And yet it brought a rich reward,

A friendship that was new.


I think each morning when I rise,

Of how I may achieve,

I know by serving I advance,

By giving I receive.

Thomas Gaines

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This article is written by Shad Muhammad.

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