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Live Now – Forget Past and Forget Future

Day in and day out, human is in trying to achieve something. Trying never ends but life ends. Motivated souls are desperately in search of something missing despite achieving the designed task. Goals never end. Stages never finish. Human is in consistent misery. I feel pity for them, for us, and for myself. Pain, gain, but still unhappy? Many people are evening lacking the target.

Today I will be making you to focus on your life at current moments. Whatever you have, whomever you are, you are blessed with this living life. You are alive, you are motivated for your unseen future, and dreadful about the demons of the past failures and disappointments. That’s typical human behavior. I also assume that you would have gone through my previous articles on ‘The Happiness Series’ i.e. Money and Happiness – And their Relationship, Be Happy – No Matter What, Stop Your Life – Live in Present Moments, and Change Yourself – World will Change for You.

Misery of the Past

Linking our current circumstances with our past experiences is a wonderful capability of our mind but certainly it has some drawbacks too. Many times in a day and every day’s life, we like to remind ourselves our past decisions and try to recall our past actions. Most of the time our memories are occupied with miseries of the past instead of the loveable and livable memories. We start repenting about the past actions. We start discouraging the previous decisions. That makes us live in unhappiness and disappointments. Thus spoiling our day. Though living now, recalling our past decisively or indecisively, makes us not to live now. We are hanging in our troubled yesterday.

Heal the past, live the present, dream the future.Anonymous

Repenting over the Past Decisions

You are unique. You are special. The events, the memories, the troubles, the experiences, the family background you had no one else in this world can or would have. That’s for sure. But whatever happened, whatever decision you took they were most appropriate at those times. You used best of your potentials and mind to decide your past actions. Maybe temporarily you feel disgusted about your decisions but in longer run of life you will come to know that whatever happened to you that happened for good. Even if it not that great, but why are your repenting for? You did what you thought was good for you. You did your best, you know it, but world do not know it.

Don’t take life too seriously. You cannot get of it alive.Warren Miller

Past Decisions Disturbs our Present Moments

Life is all about decisions. Once you have taken a decision, then don’t repent about it ever. Never reconsider your decision. It will always keep you in state of quandary and being perplexed. I know decisions are hard to make. Choices are always few. Human can and does make mistakes. Living in past gives you nothing. Neither you can change, it nor you can live it again. Just forget it. Never give it a second thought.

One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.Antonio Porchio

Focusing on the Unknown Future

Another most common issue with humans is the thoughts and worries about the future. The planning for the haunted future. Obsession to achieve the future. Currently whatever task you are doing, you are doing it for your bright future. The study you do, the trainings you undergo, the degree you achieve, the experience you get, the property you own, everything belongs to the future. Sometimes we dive so deep into the lists of achievements that we forget to live in the present.

Too Much Motivated People Are Insane People

I love motivation because it keeps us going. Unfortunately, it also gives false illusion of the happy future. Everyone hears motivational speaker now a day. Hell of speakers and content is available everywhere. Have you ever imagined what is the key thing they play with? Yes, you are right, they play with your future. Do this and get this, do more and live more, achieve this and get popular, etc. they try to get you motivated for the future on the sacrifice of your present. They forget to tell that living now is too important. They forget to tell the unhappy soul no matter how much he or she achieves, is an unhappy soul. Goals are for future, and success is a never ending journey, but happiness is a state.

The Motivational Speaker’s Disappoints Us

Pause the motivational shit for a while. Stop it, if you are performing well in your tasks and life. They make you feel incomplete. They make you feel underperforming, lacking achievements. They make you feel that the world is moving at a rapid pace and you are too lazy to get to it. But that’s untrue. You are important, and whatever help and care you bring into this world and its people is important too. You are not a super human or the superman, or the spiderman, or the superhero. You are a simple human who need basics utilities and the satisfaction of the soul. That’s it. So simple. So kind. So humane.

Myth of the Big Day

We are accustomed to think that someday I will be having a lot, someday I will be owning a lot, and that day will be most happy day of my life. You might have thought after completing education your life will be at peace or after getting the first your job life will be in harmony or earning a certain level of zeros in salary your life will be enough and complete or having beautiful wife and kids will be the ultimate happiness. But have you experienced, what you always imagined? Or ever you had that big day in life where you felt complete and blessed and happy too. Never.

Lingering Happiness with Endings

Because we are lingering or attaching our moments with the future achievements in terms of material or spiritual levels. We have made happiness a pending task. I would be happy if I do this, I would be happy if I outperform others in terms of money, status, education, publications, popularity, skill, etc. Happiness at the end of task? Happiness at the end of stage? Is happiness so temporary, so capricious? In accomplishing the task, we forget to live in those moments. We forget to enjoy every minute of the performance. Life is a stage and we all are performers; the best performer is the one who lives his act. Key to happiness is learn to love what you do!

Stop Lying to Yourself

I told you in my previous article Life is a Game, and We all are Players that life is a game and first principle of the game is to ‘Live It – No Matter What’. Second rule was more bitter ‘No One is of Anyone’. Link that with your current tasks. If you are doing the tasks for someone, then you are fooling yourself. If you are doing it for unseen future, even then you are fooling yourself. Remember, stop fooling yourself. We all are just living the days the nature has blessed us with. Nature (Allah – The God) has blessed you with another day to live, another day to enjoy, another day to share happiness. Nothing less, nothing more. We don’t own the future. Stop being God. And stop lying too.

Promise yourself that from today onwards you will only live for your own self and you will live in current moments, enjoying the tasks at every instant of life. And will never linger your happiness with some stage or achievement.


Live Happily and live longer. May Allah bless you many happier days.


That’s enough for today. Have a Great Day!


      1. Stop living in past and stop living for future.

      2. Guilt of the past and worry about the future can only be eliminated if we become a person who live in current moments.

      3. Your life is yours; live it for your own self first, before it is taken.

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