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Enthusiasm – Key to Staying Cheerful

We have traveled a long journey on the path and in the search of the happiness. Happiness should be considered as a nomenclature for the cheerfulness state of the human mind and like success is a journey in itself. Every day we need to live happily and with utmost enthusiasm and joy.

Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.Helen Keller

Previous Learnings

When We Get Tired

You might have observed in your daily routines that the things which fascinates you, are the things in which you want to spend maximum time of the day and without getting tired. The more eager you are for the task or the project, the more interesting that seems and the task by itself seems fantastic.


And in other cases if you do not like the profession or job then you will be always waiting for the day to end and the night to prevail, so that you may get rid of that extra punishment that is imposed upon you. The self burdenous person feels burdenous by carrying his own load.

Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, and its proper of endurance. The cheerful man will do more in the same time, will do it better, will preserve it longer, than the sad and the sullen.Thomas Carlyle

Hence, if you are too excited about your life and the tasks and the achievements that are waiting for you, then you are the lucky one, as you are enthusiastic about your life. Start performing tasks of your interest, and just look at your attitude and achievement level.

Enthusiasm in Kids

Kids are lovely creatures. Nature has created such a wonderful stage for the development of human, that you will observe that kids never get tired. They keep learning, they keep hitting a task again and again without getting tired. Whenever they get up, they wake up with a big smile on their face, energetic, and lovely. They know they have to learn and enjoy a lot in the day.

Enthusiasm is the heat required to cook the best dishes in life.Just Win Singh

Take Interest in People

Most people around you will be boring. You know why? Because they damn care about you and then in return you damn care about them. Such environment creates disrespect and boringness in the surroundings. How can you change such behavior?

Simply, by taking interest in people and their lives. People around you are wonderful, if explored with the interest in ‘how wonderful they are’, ‘how are they passing the day’, ‘how they perform their tasks’, ‘how exciting their tasks are’, etc. High achievers and the rich people are not the only people that are interesting. Not all rich men jokes are funny. Normal people have amazing days and tasks to do, no matter how routine tasks they perform.

Humans are not super heroes. Just start digging them and you might get many friends. Take interest in their lives, so that they start taking interest in your life.

Cultivate Enthusiasm

Good news is enthusiasm can be cultivated. If you are not the person who takes interest in other people or are having an antisocial personality. Then no problem at all. All you need to do is to start from today, and be curious about others and their wonderful tasks they perform daily. Start applying it in at your nearby people, at your school, job, social gathering, religious setups, etc. And you will be surprised to know how much interest you put in, that much return you will get.

When enthusiasm is inspired by reason, controlled by caution, practical in application, reflects confidence, spreads good cheer, raises morale, inspires associates, arouses loyalty, and loughs at adversity, it is beyond price.Coleman Cox

The Selfish People

The above stated rule is not applicable to everyone. Many times you might observe that you took interest in others activities and put your mind and heart in the discussions, seeking information about their tasks, but in return they did not bother to even ask a single question about you. You will feel disappointed.


A task which was meant for happiness sometimes is the cause of an unhappiness. Then remember, once experienced, then do not repeat your mistake. Add such people to the list of dead people. Such selfish people are non-interesting people as they are self-centered and proud.

The Memory Trap

Remembering the past is a curse in itself as discussed in Live Now – Forget Past and Forget Future. Anyhow that is a philosophical concept. But let us find something interesting about it, as it is relevant to our discussions. What you remember most from your past life? The years you spent, the events, the people, the moments, the feelings, etc.? Just ponder about your past life for a while. Yes, there they are.


The most memorable events and the people were only those in which you were exploring and were excited to know and feel the moments. Your eagerness creates memories. As eagerness starts from the deep heart. Surprises are not forgettable, because they excite us. Every great moment has elements of excitement and enthusiasm in it.

Breaching the Cycle of Certainty

Life becomes boring and non-exciting when we are deeply involving ourselves in the routine tasks. If you perform one task for few days, then you will be exhausted and fed-up with it. All because you lived too much in the certainty zone. Certainty is programmed by us, our own programming backfires sometimes. The solution by itself is the cause of some other problem.


The best way to get rid of such non-exiting activities is to breach the cycle of certainty around you. Do something anomalous, something not planned, surprise yourself, sometimes misbehavior is the best behavior. Try it on some boring day to make that exciting, livable and memorable.

Creed of an Optimist


To wear a cheery countenance at all times

And give every living creature I meet a smile.


To give so much time to the improvement

Of myself that I have no time to criticize others.


To be too large for worry,

Too noble for anger,

Too strong for fear and too happy

To permit the pressure of trouble.


How to Become Cheerful

Learning from David Schwartz teaches us that the cheerful can be adopted when you truly live your life with full energy and zest. By adopting the following parameters, you can become cheerful among your social and professional circles;

Learn to Love what you Do

Whatever you do, do it from core of your heart. Whomever you meet, meet with an open chest and have a firm handshake. And tell them you are happy to meet them. Your greetings should not be routine task, but it should be something you really mean. People can feel the routine questions and routine greetings. They are sensible. Give energy to everything you do. Put a life in them and then observe the miracles.

Be the Good News Ambassador

People hate bad news and also hate the people who spread bad news. Do not be among that list. Wherever you go, be a good news ambassador. Life is full of misery, sadness, and pain. Everyone is living a tough and troubled life. But when you start giving good news you are spreading positivity in the society and that positivity will become your nature.

Make People Feel Better

Daily we are in contact with hundreds of people. How people feel after we left them that is important. If you make people feel better about themselves and their activates, appreciate them, then they will feel happy and will support and remember you in good words.


Appreciate people for their current and past tasks. Tell them how wonderful they are and give them hope how wonderful they can be. Search the reasons for loving them. Find unique beauty of nature in them and inform them about your observations. Spread peace and happiness, and get a share of it too. Whatever you do, will return towards you, someday.

But this does not mean that you start lying and start endorsing the false news and false appreciations. Be realistic in a good way. Search for positive aspects of life in other people. People are desperate for love and respect. Please do fulfil their thirst. Do not let them die unappreciated, unacknowledged, the poor souls.

When You Are Inspired


When you are inspired by some great purpose,

Some extraordinary project,

All your thoughts break their bonds,

Your mind transcends limitations,

Your consciousness expands in every direction,

And you find yourself in a new,

Great and wonderful worlds.

Dormant forces, faculties and talents

Become alive, and you discover yourself

To be a greater person by far

Than you ever dreamed

Yourself to be.


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