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Change Yourself – World will Change for You

Happiness is a journey, it is not a destination that we will arrive at. It is path to personal satisfaction and contentment. However, happiness is based upon many little things which we mismanage daily resulting in unhappiness and frustration. However, let us step back and relearn previous concepts and then we will learn more fascinating ideas.

Money and Happiness

In our Happiness Series, I first discussed in ‘Money and Happiness’ that money can help you purchase anything to everything, but ‘thing’ is thing, the product, the manufacture commodity. But happiness cannot purchase happiness for you. Money cannot buy happy moments and trustworthy friends and romantic relationships and loyal followers. Happiness is priceless.

Stay Happy – No Matter What

In the second part, ‘Stay Happy – No Matter What’ I discussed that being happy is choice and it is a decision which we can make every day and every bitter or hard going moment. Ordering to mind or setting your daily goal to be happy can make a difference that you will be able to feel instantaneously. Just reminding yourself ‘I am happy’ is sometimes more than enough to be happy.

Stop Your Life – Live in Moments

In the third part, ‘Stop Your Life – Live in Moments’ discussion was on the reason that is causing unhappiness or the trap which is forcing us to be unhappy. And yes, that is not decisive, but our routines are badly covered up with death traps set by us. We identified that busy-ness in daily routine is the primary cause of unhappiness.

Life gives you a choice to change. If you don’t learn, it changes your choice.Just Win Singh

Endless Rat Race

The rat race is never ending, our will power is getting exhausted but still we wanna burn more and more internal fire to keep it earn more and get more. This race for materialistic items has indulged us bitterly. We need to pause our life several times in a day or maybe in mid or start of every activity. We need to assess its outcome, its importance, and we need to remind and compare the sacrifices we are doing while working on that specific task or assignment.

World is the Mirror of Our Own Selves

Today we will be moving ourselves further towards greater happiness and discuss that the world around us look like the mirror image of what is going inside us. World is the mirror image of our inside. First step we wanna make towards happiness is to bring change in our own selves. Bring positivity inside yourself and you will see the world around you look beautiful and attractive to live. Refrain from changing others. That is a futile and disappointing task.


What will happen if you don’t like what you see in this world’s mirror? Good news is, we can always change it by changing ourselves.

Positive People Attract Positive People

You are a great observer. You would have seen in your long life and experience that the people who are happy are having happy people around themselves. The positive people are surrounded by people having Positive Mental Attitude. Negative minded people are surrounded by complaining, disappointed, and failed people. Have you thought for a while why is that so?

Human is a Magnet

 Human mind is so powerful tool that nature (Allah) has given us that it can achieve anything to everything. It can blow tornadoes, it can move mountains just by power of your conscious and subconscious mind. One has engendered those powers. But they exist. Law of Attraction states that like-minded attracts each other. Positive minded people will attract positive minded people. Negativity attracts negativity. Develop a positive attitude of being happy, and keep iterating yourself that ‘I am a happy person no matter what’. After somedays you will see that world around you is changing and it is becoming happier.

Do not allow yourself to become upset by people or things. They are powerless. Poor reaction is their only power.Just Win Singh

Self-Control for Happiness

Summary of the talk is this that if we start controlling our emotions then we can control the world around us. Self-control is the most desirable and having a lot of potential, unexplored. Self-control is key to Emotional Intelligence.


If you get angry and you start shouting, then that is lack of control. It will definitely make you unhappy. If you are little hungry and you start eating, that will also make you less controllable. If you want to do something easy and resist that temptation and that urge or desire, then you can master the self-control. Happiness is slave you own. But your uncontrolled emotions dominate your happiness. Overrides your happiness. If we can control our reactions, then we can control ourselves.

Beware of no one more than yourself. We camp our worst enemies within us.Charles Spurgeon

Why we become Upset?

You might have read and experienced ‘Expectations Kills’ and ‘Expectations Disappoints’. Our personally developed rules upset us. Such concept can be called as ‘Rules Upset’. Our own solutions and our own principles are the primary cause of unhappiness. Suppose you do not like to raise voice in front of elders. And a junior brother comes to you and start talking loudly and outrageously. Then you might feel disgusted and disappointed. Why you will feel like that? Simple because you are facing a Rule Upset situation. You own self-created rules made you unhappy. You may get upset due to your own principles.

When you blame others, you give up your power to change.Dr. Robert Anthony

Linking Happiness with Goals Achievements

Happiness is in your hands. If you set goal that I will be successful when I get 1 million dollars, then till how long you are earning and not reached the 1 million dollars’ level, till then you will be unhappy. You have linked your happiness with an achievement of some level which is further away. Never link your happiness to some stage or achievement. You can be happy now, no matter what is the reason. Happiness gets tied with goals, tasks, achievements, etc. That is our big mistake! We kill our joy with our own goals.

Never Lived and Never Died


There was a very cautious man

Who never laughed or played.

He never risked, he never tried.

He never sang or prayed.

And one day he passed away,

His insurance was denied.

For since he never really lived, 

They claimed he never died.


Love People to Understand Yourself

Have you ever loved someone truly? How were you feeling at that moments in life? How were your days? How was your behavior with the beloved and blessed one? Despite of all the misery in life, your feelings were on fire. World seems loveable and likeable. That experience is enough for understanding your inner self. Changing your inside directly alters your outside. Inside will be equal to outside. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is never too late to become what you might have been.George Eliot

Story – Experience attracts Expectations

Once a farmer was busy in farming and Ali from far away village came and asked how are the people at this village?

Farmer asked Ali, ‘how were the people there from where you came?’

Ali responded, that the people there were too miser, cruel, and liars.

Farmer responded, yes, here the people are same, they are miser, cruel and liar.

After few days, Ahmad came from far away village to migrate himself to a new settlement and met the same farmer and asked the same question, ‘how are the people in this town?’

The farmer asked the same question, ‘how were the people there where you left from?’

Ahmad replied, ‘they were kind, happy and loving’.

Farmer responded, that the people here are similar. They are kind, happy and loving.


Farmer was wise, he knew our past experiences fulfills our future expectations. Past experiences of inside will always be projector upon us in our current and in our future because our inside never changed. If you rely too much on bitter experiences, live bitterly, say bitter words, then the world around you will be bitter unfortunately.


      1. Be aware about yourself and the factors that affect your happiness.

      2. Work happily with those tasks that you are reluctant to do. Such task will increase your self control and increase your focus on positive things.

      3. Learn from the situations or circumstance you are facing currently. Find out reasons why this happened and how you are going to improve it or remove it.

      4. If you cannot change the problem, then at least change your behavior or reaction towards it. 

Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men.Benjamin Disraeli

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