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Be Positive About Yourself - Self Image

Your life is important and you are important too. This is the fundamental acceptance and reminder you need to have every day. Add it to your daily meditation practice. Loving our self is vital to keep our soul at peace and harmony. Sow fruits seed and you will bear fruits. So weeds and you will bear weeds. As you sow, so shall you reap. A positive soul is a blessed soul.

Think highly of yourself for the world takes you on your own estimate.Anonymous

Our Previous Learning - Review

In my recent articles, Stop Your Life – Live in Moments and Live Now, Forget Past and Forget Future, we learned that we need to stop this rat run and ponder several times in a day that what are we striving for? And am I enjoying every moment of it? Is my life worth living? and learnt to start living in current era, the current time and the current moments. This is so significant and so peaceful that we start loving the process rather than the end results.

Hopefully, before moving further you would have applied those basic concepts and read other articles on happiness too like Money and Happiness – And their Relationship, Be Happy – No Matter What, Change Yourself – World will Change for You, etc.

What You Think About Yourself?

Ask the above question from yourself now and ponder upon it for few minutes. What comes out defines your thinking about yourself. If it comes out to be like ‘I am valuable’, ‘I am significant’, ‘I have accomplished a lot’, ‘I love myself’, ‘People around me are happy when they are having me’, etc. Then this means that you have a positive self-image and positivity is ingrained in our character.

The White Character

Hence, if you love yourself and love the humanity, then you are blessed and are having a white character. White Character people are always positive and motivated. They care about themselves and the people around. They are happy because they keep others around them happy. Where ever they go, they spread the fragrance of happiness and peace. It is all because they are having a positive self-image.

Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true.Anonymous

The Dark Character

If your answer comes out to be ‘I refrain from having a company’, ‘I don’t like what I am’, ‘I dislike the world and the people in it’, ‘I am tired of hardwork with little accomplishment and no appreciation’, etc. Then this means you are not having wonderful time with yourself and in this world. You character is dark and getting darker with each passing day. You might be having a negative self-image. You need not to worry about that.

How are we you going to change it, I will discuss it in upcoming articles. Anyhow, the dark character people are having negative self-image and are uncomfortable within their body and the society. They are lazy to accomplish and their self-esteem is so low that they consider themselves nothing at all. Such personalities spread disappointment and discouragements. As they are degraded by themselves, they try to demotivate others too.

The ‘IF’ Guys and Self-Worth

Many people are just wishing and have developed guilt about it throughout their lives. If I had enough money, if I had a trustable relationship, if I had won a lottery, if I were skilled, more talented, etc. If this and then, if this than that. Such people are having very poor self-image as they have accepted themselves as losers.

To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.Anonymous

Begin Now with a New Faith

Lastly, you came to know that the importance of having a positive self-image. Everyone has a self-image. Problem is not with the self-image, but having a positive self-image does matter. If you are having a positive self-image, then you must develop it further. And if you are trapped in negative self-image then you must develop faith in yourself, trust your capabilities and love the world around.

Getting in touch with your true self must be your first priority.Tom Hopkins

Listen to the Inner Voice

If you want to be great in life then you have to start from now, from where ever you are and from whatever you have. You have to start now. You have to have complete faith in yourself and the power to change your life from now onwards. In previous article Change Yourself – And the World Will Change for You, I did discuss the importance of self change. If you think you are trustworthy, then you are. If you think you are blessed, then you are. If you think you are happy, then you really are. Listen to your inner voice that dictates your character and develop your self-image. Changing the inner voice is like changing the programming of your character. Reconditioning our mind is very easy provided we persistently endorse the positive inner voice.

Happiness and the Self-image

Happiness is linked with self-image. It is not linked with how much and how expensive materials you possess. If your inside is weak, if your inside is empty, then the world cannot fulfil it with happiness and prosperity. Our inner core is developed by our self-image. And self-image is built by our inner voices. Our inner voices are the codes of programming of the human behavior. All the success and failures are triggered by our self-image and the perception about our self.

Performing and Underperforming Self Image

Let’s examine two individuals having similarity like having same age, same education levels, read through same institutions, having equal skill levels and if you evaluate their performances, are they similar? Certainly not. The one with positive self-image will be always outperforming the individual whose self-image is worn out and terrible. Our performance in life is the blueprint of how much successful we might be based on self-images we have created by our own selves.

Causes of Poor Self Image

There are hundreds of factors influencing individual’s self-image. Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker, has enlisted two primary causes of poor self-image.

1. Living in the Negativity Society

If you are consistently living in a negative society and the people around you are having negative image of life and are underperformers, then a time will come that you will be like them or one of them no matter how positive and optimistic you are. Positivity can be killed by pessimist but negativity cannot be killed by optimist. If you tell me your friends’ circle and their attitude towards life, then I and anyone can deduce you about your personality. Thus, living in negative circles are inculcating negativity in your character. Avoid people with dark personalities. Either sit alone or sit in the positive and developing environments.

2. Failure in a Task is not Failure of Life

Everyone fails. Fails to achieve good grades, fails to get high ranks, fails to maintain a happy relationship, fails to get into heavy paid jobs, fails to run a successful business. Failure is common and it is neither a mistake nor a crime. But linking temporary failure at one task with the ultimate failure in life is a blunder. Failure in task does not mean that you will underperform in life too. Life is too big and fantastic. A small set back do not define you.

Experience Life – Misconceptions about Success

Our misconceptions are built by the society. We create our own definitions of success and failure and become unhappy when we underperform. But that is all self-created unhappiness. How could self-created concepts be such powerful that it starts controlling our lives and makes our life worse by disappointing us in case of underachievement. Hence you have to get out of such delusional success.

Are we in this world for defining success and failure? Certainly not. Success is relative and it is never ending journey. But our life journey is limited. We are here to live it and experience it. In my article Life is a Game – And We all are Players, I stated that life is only a game. Nothing less, nothing more. We have to play it and live it all alone and happily.


Living happily is a choice, living bitterly is also a choice that we make by our own selves about our own selves. Why don’t we Change our Lives and the world around us will change automatically.

You are somebody because God doesn’t take time to make a nobody.Mary Crowley

Right Place to Live

Find the right place to live. Often people ask me about great places to live, they ask about locality, the facilities, residence standard, nearby educational institutions, hospitals, mosques, etc. But I inform them that the most important element to look before selecting a residence is your neighbor and the society in which you and your kids will live. That is much more important than the infrastructures and facilities. We are not in this word to construct a big house, but it should be our fundamental goal to be at peace, happy and contented about whomever we are, and whatever we have, we have enough.


Let me conclude this talk of the day. Have a happy and memorable life. Great Day!

Be Yourself


Do not imitate anyone,

Do not follow anyone,

Otherwise you will be just a pseudo existence

And that is worse than suicide.


Be yourself

And only then

Can you be responsible

And authentic and real.

But ordinarily everyone is just secondhand and borrowed.

And that makes everything ugly.



      1. Appreciate the creation of nature (Allah) by accepting that you are unique and important. World cannot define or measure you and your success.

      2. Love yourself, no matter what.

      3. Temporary failure does not define your life failure.

      4. Be yourself and appreciate your very existence and the Creator.

      5. Do not try to be perfect. Try to be human and live like humans.

      6. Live life to experience it. Not to be successful or failure.

      7. Find the right place to live where there are happy, caring and developing people.

You are a creation of God. Having a poor image of yourself is doubting His creativity.Just Win Singh

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