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Be Happy - No Matter What

When human body works then human earns ‘money’. When human mind works then human earns ‘happiness’. Condition is simple for both the former and the latter case. And that is one has to work in the right direction. Happiness is a state of mind which each one of us can acquire irrespective of how deeply troubled the we maybe. And that is the beauty of the happiness!


We humans are complex and our works makes us even more complex, but deep inside we are simple humans and have same basic needs and traits. Who is the Chief Executive Officer or who is the Sweeper, all are similar inside. All wants are similar, and basically all want to be happy.


Greatest thing is that happiness is not a result of more earnings or based on the wealth you have. Neither it is the result of your birth, or your status in this world which might be gifted or earned. ‘Happiness is a state of mind’, simply.

Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response! Mildred Barthel

For time being stop doing everything and ask yourself how many people you know in your periphery that you think are really happy? I am sure your list will be only few individuals. Why is that so? People in your periphery might be rich, they might be on positional leadership, having an elated status in the society, but you might not be enlisting them in the happy category people.


This depicts that happiness is not related to the money, status, relationship, education, beauty, etc. A poor man can be happy, and rich man can be unhappy. How wonderful it is. Not everyone is happy! But you can be if you want to.

It is not how much we have, it is how much we enjoy that makes us happy.C. H. Spurgeon
Every man dies. Not every man lives.Tim Robbins

What really is happiness?

Contentment of mind is happiness.


Understanding the science of happiness is very easy. Unlearn that the material things will make you happy. Happiness is the added value which things might bring with itself, but usually that happiness is instantaneous and short lived. How can be harness happiness so that it stays longer?


Also unlearn that the ‘more is better’. Nothing is better is exceed a certain limit. In our money articles, I have mentioned clearly that if it exceeds certain level then it may cause harm and devastation. It might drag you towards dissatisfied life or maybe it bitterly starts affecting your personal relationships. Sure, everything has a price to pay. The quest for earning more has caused several severe problems to the society like distrust, communication gap, pollution, hate, prejudice, war. The sense of materialism is the root cause of social and moral problems.

Why unhappy people are increasing?

Because we are not trained to be happy. We are running after things, and when we get that, then we start running after another thing or start achieving another task. We keep ourselves busy. In such business, we forget to focus on nourishing our mind. We do care about our daily food intake, we do care about our hygiene, but have you seen or observed someone who does take care about the input of the mind? Rarely someone.  


‘Junk thinking’ erode our happiness. It frustrates us. Junk thinking is introduced daily in our minds by the social media, crimes and deaths in the newspapers, disheartening TV series, attitude of complaining is prevalent everywhere, everyone is criticizing and disappointing. Our mind gets sick by consistently hearing, seeing and observing bad things happening. Such thinking may become the cause of depression and the discomfort. And yes, the cause of unhappiness too. Can an unhappy mind let you live a happy life? Certainly Not.

What should be done?

Focus on your mind input. Refrain from bad or negative surroundings or news or people who are having darkness inside or having dark personalities. And start living with positivity and with positive energizing people. Fulfil the thirst of mind with productive things.


Focus on one thing at a time. Refrain from multitasking. Order your mind to be happy no matter what the circumstances are. Happiness is choice, it is a decision which each one of can make every day on every moment.


Be happy and live more. 


Joke of the Day

One should keep everyone happy. Did you do so bobby?

Yes, he replied.

‘Great’. Who did you do so?

Bobby replied, ‘I went to see grandaunt, and she was very happy when I came back’.

Unhappiness is largely due to a mistaken view of the world.Orison Swett Marden

That is enough for today.


In my next articleStop Your Life – Live in Moments I will be discussing the fundamental cause of unhappiness and how we are going to control it. 


Have a Great Day!

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This article is written by Shad Muhammad.

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