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Find out the Drawing Mistakes

The following Layout Plan of the House was developed by one of my students. 

Please find out the mistakes in the following drawing and give your comments in the comments area at the end of this page.


Learning from mistakes is the best way to master the given knowledge area. And indeed experts know what are the mistakes!

Layout Plan: Residential Building


Thank-you Anonymous! For allowing me to share this image with others for learning purposes!

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3 thoughts on “Find out the Drawing Mistakes

  1. Respected Sir;
    Plan is very good but we can do some changes and make it even better.
    1. if we mention wall thickness also it will make our plan look better
    2 provide minimum washroom door width 2’4″ or 2’6 ”
    3 provide wardrobes as well in the plan
    4 Mention North direction in it.
    5 Provide sufficient windows and ventilators in rooms and washroom as well for proper ventilation
    6. we can provide more windows
    7 Place correct size of doors
    8 Place staircase more precisely
    Thats all from my side sir
    i hope its good enough if you think that i missed something than kindly DO LET ME KNOW

    Best Regards:

    1. Thank you Huzaifa for your Feedback!
      Indeed the concerned person will be getting ideas for the improvements.

  2. 1. Car Porch Entrance Gate is of the Wrong Type! How the gate will be closed when the vehicle gets inside?

    2. What about the ventilation issue in the kitchen? No plot borders have been shown.

    3. Exterior door dimensions are missing.

    4. Kitchen door spacing from the walls is missing.

    5. In B.R.2, the door is opening in the wrong direction. Similarly, in B.R.1, WR1, WR2.

    6. A Double Door or even a Single Door in the corridor is not a good choice. It’s home, not a store. The drawing Room / Guest Room is separate to maintain the privacy of the indoor people.

    7. In BR3, the cupboard and the door will strike each other. Readjust the door placement.

    8. In BR3, the door for WR3 should open from the inside room, rather than from the corridor.

    9. Remove the corner in BR1. It’s too small and without dimension.

    10. Windows dimensions in WR1 and WR2 not shown.

    11. Windows dimension in DR is missing.

    12. Drawing Room door is apparently opening in the center of the room; thus reducing the place for placement of other utilities.

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