Best new Netflix series of 2022

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2022 was a big year for Netflix series. A lot of new ones came out as well as new series from established series. Here we are going to review a few new series that came out this year.

In first place we have the fourth season of Stranger Things. It came out in two volumes. The first part which had 7 episodes aired on May 27th, while the second one that contained the last two epsidoes aired on July 1st. In this new season with a new entity from the Upside Down called Vecna. This monster was actually a human called Henry who had psychokinetic abilities and was Dr. Martin Brenner´s first subject. He was designated 001. He was thrown into the Upside Down by Eleven where he transformed into the monster he is. Meanwhile in our reality things have changed, Lucas is hanging out with the cool kids, Nancy is the editor of the school newspaper, and Dustin and Mike have joined the school’s D&D society. As the series progresses Vecna starts killing some students and Dustin, Nancy, Max investigate them. From here the season progresses…

Another series which aired their fourth season this year was Ozark. This drama about an accountant from Chicago who ends up on the wrong side of a drug deal makes a deal to save his family where he must move to the Ozarks in order to launder money for this drug cartel had its last season this year. It also aired in two parts each having seven episodes. The ending of this show was polarizing to say the least, having peaople saying it was absolute garbage and others saying it was perfect. We will leave you to decide that but let´s just say you will never expect it.

A new series that just aired like a couple of weeks ago is called “1899”. From the creators of Dark this series is set in as the name indicates in 1899 where a group of European immigrants board a ship bound for New York, however when a series of mysterious events happen and the ship goes of course.

Another series which aired this week is called “Wednesday”. Created by Tim Burton and starring Jenna Ortega, this series is a follow up to the “Addams Family”. After a not so funny prank, Wednesday Addams gets transfered to Nevermore Academy, where her parents fell in love. She has some psychic powers that she must master but also she must stop a killing spree and solve a mystery.

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