best money heist moments from season 1

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Episode 1×01 – The unbreakable rules of The Professor

The Professor has studied throughout his life to pull off the biggest heist in history and now, it all begins by teaching the gang of robbers his plan to perfection for five months. The rules are in a nutshell: No names, no relations of any kind and no personal questions of any kind. However as we go further and further down the series, we will learn that these rules are more maleable than they seem.

Episode 1×02 – They discover the identity of Tokyo and Rio

Tokio discovers the punishment that Rio is being subjected to after his mistake and explodes against The Professor, putting the entire gang of robbers on edge. The Professor does not hesitate to confess the reality that is beating down on Tokyo and Rio: the police have their identities… They managed to get the identities thanks to a picture the police got of Río throught the phone of Allison Parker and from there they manage to discover both of thei identities thanks to some video footage of them going into the place from several weeks prior to the heist.

Episode 1×03 – Raquel kills a hostage

Denver helps her father by taking him to the roof to get some fresh air, Moscow needed to go outside to calm down and clarify the situation of her son with Mónica Gaztambide. Raquel does not hesitate to give the green light against one of the Dalís who is on the roof, which turns out to be the biggest mistake of her life… This is because instead of shooting one of the robbers, they shot Arthur Román, who got agitated because he though that Mónica was dead and started waiving a gun at Moscow and Denver. Because of that Rachel thought he was one of the robbers and ordered the shot.

Episode 1×04- Arthur´s surgery

A pretty funny moment from this episode is when Arthutr is getting the surgery done in order to treat the shots he took from the previous episode and his wife manages to call him while the surgeons are taking a break. While they are talking, the whole tent can hear the call along with the robbers. So when they are saying their goodbyes Arthur accidentally calls his wife Mónica, which is the name of his mistress. We see the reactions from Berlin and Denver as well as the ones from the tent which are pretty funny one.

Chapter 1×05 – Rachel chases The Professor

The Professor, transformed into a beggar, camouflage himself among the policemen as if he were a human remains. He does this because the police are on the trail for the car that the robbers used while they were planning the heist and the professor manages to get to the scrapyard moments before Rachel and another policeman do.

Chapter 1×06 – Berlin´s identity is revealed

In this episode, Berlin´s identity is revealed as a punishment by the Professor for breaking one of the rules of the heist; no casualties. Once the police have his identity they decide to make up information about him so that the public doesn´t think of the robbers as some Robin Hoods. For instance they make up that he is a procurer.

Episode 1×07 – The secret of Berlin comes to light

The inspector is not willing to follow the jokes of the robbers and decides to break her plans by bringing to light the great secret of Berlin: the robber has only a few months to live…

Episode 1×08 – A group of hostages manages to escape

The robbers discover the plan of some hostages, to escape after causing a detonation with plastic explosive. The professor observes everything from his warehouse…. But it’s too late.

Chapter 1×09 – Bella Ciao

The Professor and Berlin meet the night before the biggest robbery in history, the two robbers have a conversation in which their feelings and past come together more than expected…

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