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Best Lucifer moments from season 1

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The story of the angel who, after getting bored of reigning in the darkness of hell, decides to take the form of a man to travel to the world of the living and thus become a homicide detective. The series is extremely captivating due to its originality to tell a story of this type. It has 6 seasons which have given us a large number of unforgettable moments and scenes.

One of the best moments is the very first scene of the series, where we see Lucifer speeding through the streets and he gets stopped by a cop. Here we see the charisma of the character and hias view of humans. The cop starts explaining that Lucifer was speeding but he doesn´t care and proceeds to try and bribe the cop. The cop cannot believe, howver here we see the true power of Lucifer as he pulls out the cop´s deepest desires and he manages to convince him to take the bribe.

Another very funny instance is also in the first episode when Lucifer goes to interrogate her friend who dies in the first moments of the episode previous agent. He is about to get married but Lucifer interrupts the ceremony and as he goes to talk to him the priest starts a prayer and Lucifer tells him to say hello from him as he hasn´t talked to him in a while. After that, he starts talking to the bride and we see his powers again as the bride admits that she is only marrying that guy for his money. This is a very funny moment as we see Lucifer´s resourcefulness to get the truth out of people.

On episode two, we get a very big moment for the whole series, as we discover that Lucifer is vulnerable around Chloe. We discover this when Lucifer and Chloe are chasing some bad guys and after, Chloe cannot believe how Lucifer does some things she cannot explain so Lucifer tells her for the hundredth  time that he is the Devil and to prove that she shoud shoot him. When she does, he starts bleeding which leaves him perplexed. So he spends the next four seasons he is very wary when he is around Chloe as he can die. It is a very interesting trait as we see the duality of Lucifer when he is around Chloe and when he isn´t.

One of the best episodes of the whole season is episode nine. In this episode Chloe and Lucifer investigate a drug ring which is apparently running through a child care center. A priest helps them as he knows the kids that are there. Lucifer despises priests so he doesn´t trust him. But litlle by little they start to grow fond of each other and we get a very good moment with the both of them playing the piano making it a friendly competition. After this we get the final act of the episode where we discover that one of the kids is actually a drug dealer and the priest tries to talk to him and calm him down but he fails and the teenager kills him. Thankfully the police catch him but Lucifer finds the priest lying on the floor. In the final moments of the episode we see Lucifer talking out of his penthouse to the sky, seemingly to God and he asks him what is the point of life as he says that if you follow His rules you lose (talking about the priest) and that if  you do not follow them you still loose, (talking about him) so he is left wondering.


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