Best Characters from Vikings

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Vikings is one of the most underrated series of all time. I have hardly seen many peaple talking about and it is one of the most fun and thrilling series out there. With six seasons, here are the best characters ranked.

On fifth place, we have one of the most memorable characters of all time, Bjorn Ironside. Ragnar´s first born, he is the perfect mix between his father and mother, the perfect balance between strength and calmness.

Next up is Ivar the Boneless. Son of Ragnar and Aslaug and self-proclaimed king. A congenital defect left him lame and impotent, which contrasts with his unpredictability and extreme violence.

On third place is Aslaug, Ragnar´s second wife and Lagertha’s official rival is a ruthless and dangerous female character. She’s not particularly smart (she’s not Cersei Lannister, mind you), but her expeditious methods make her just as fearsome.

Just shy of the first place; Floki. Ragnar´s righthand and with his temperamental instincts make him one of the characters who have given the most play to the plots of the series.

And finally, the best vikings character is as if there was ever any doubt; Ragnar. A natural born leader with an exploratory, constructive, imaginative, creative, inspiring frame of mind.

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